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What we’re about

This Club is for enthusiasts in the field of Quantitative Finance and Investment. Group members are mostly from Quant Finance background, and with professions like Hedge Fund Managers, Quant professors, Quantitative Analysts, Technical Analysts and Traders. We plan to organise meet-ups to discuss current market conditions, and how to cater our quantitative models for changes in the market place.

SQC Visions and Missions :

(1) To bring together Junior & Masters students from different elite institutions (eg. SMU, NUS and NTU), to exchange ideas and knowledge.

(2) To connect students to working professionals in the Quant industry, so that students can learn real life experience from these experts (many have more vast experience than myself).

(3) To match graduates to hedge fund industry's vacancies. Vacancies are in the form of both internship and full time positions. Members of the group can look for job opportunities and candidates freely within the group. This will create efficient job matching, without going through expensive recruiters. No fee is charged to either job seekers and companies.

Thus if you find the cause is worth promoting, do let your friends know of this group's existence. You are welcome to join the group as well. Its an enclosed group, thus member details will not be visible to public.