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What we’re about

Stop thinking - just do it!

If you are tired of thinking about your startup ideas and want to start acting on them this group is for you!

Most startup ideas don't see the light of day simply because we don't act on them. That's a shame. Steve Jobs once said: "To me, ideas are worth nothing unless executed ...".

"You just have to do it!", that's what one of my wife's most successful cousins told me when I asked advice on going into business.

So how do we apply the "just do it!" attitude to our meetups?

  • goals & progress: we meet (online) once a week to demonstrate our progress towards our goals
  • collaboration: everyone participates. We motivate and learn from each other
  • idea validation: we generate new ideas and assumptions and decide which ones to investigate further
  • problem focus: we fall in love with the problems we try to solve, not the solutions
  • outward focus: we go out to challenge our assumptions and communicate our vision
  • structure: we use templates to document our ideas such as the elevator pitch, the one-minute pitch and the lean business canvas

Join us if you want to stop thinking and start acting on your startup ideas!

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