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Hiya and welcome to our group! As lockdown eases again lets have another name change to Singles Friendships and Parties! No longer confined to online Friday nights in and chats on Whatsapp and Facebook, we can now meet up again face to face! Our previous name was Misty's Music and Parties, and we went to gigs, festivals, karaoke nights, had parties in cool bars followed by dancing or theme parties with dressing up, games and cocktails! Lets start easing lockdown by meeting outdoors, having a few drinks, and practising our dance moves!

We welcome all ages, nationalities, any sexual orientation and as many members are singles wanting to date we are now reflecting this in our name but you are welcome to join if you are in a couple too!

Please don't feel shy about your first Meetup with us. Our organisers personally welcome everyone and introduce you to other members of the group, many are regulars and super lovely people! When we are able to we reserve space in bars but where we meet outside - like in a park - your organiser will message you before the meetup to say hello and explain exactly where to meet. We have a personal approach to meetup and want you to feel happy and enjoy spending time with us!

During lockdown some of our members generously donated to keep paying Meetup fees so we could keep the group open. For new Meetups we will ask for donations to cover costs and Organiser time to plan, promote and host events! We ask for online payment via PayPal and you will find instructions on how to pay and tell your organiser you would like to attend on the Meetup pages

When we ran parties in pubs we negotiated discounts for clubs and drinks deals for our members and had a great relationship with many of the venues in Brighton and Hove and we hope to do this again in the future.

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Get ready for end of Lockdown! Picnic and Drinks in Brunswick Square!

Brunswick Square


Welcome back to Meetup with a name change - Singles Friendships and Parties! I'm Alexxa B your party host so lets celebrate the easing of lockdown and have a picnic and drinks in Brunswick Square gardens from 5pm. We can move to the beach later. Or go for a walk and visit a pub. 🍷🍺 I have been checking out bars in Brighton!

We have to be in groups of 6 for now so I will pre arrange these if you give me your contact details and tell me a bit about yourself so I can make nice groups where I think people will like each other! 😍 You maybe able to change groups later but please message me with any questions on Meetup or text or WhatsApp me on[masked] or leave your number in your RSVP! 😍

Brunswick Square is just down south from Western Road in Hove, and we will be on the right side in the middle facing south! Its a small garden, so should be easy to find. As you will be contacting me before the meetup we can exchange photos on Whatsapp or Facebook.

Bring drinks and a picnic or take away if you are hungry! 🍔🥗 There's supermarkets and take away places on Western Road. The weather forecast looks good - and I will check again the day before - but best bring a jacket in case it does rain! And something to sit on if you need it!🌦

We ask for a Meetup fee donation - as it takes time to organise and run events - and you can pay this on my Paypal link here
If you have a UK PayPal account its just £3 (no PayPal fee)
If you have an overseas PayPal account its £3.50 (inc PayPal fee)
OR I can email you a Money Request for £3.50 (inc Paypal fee)
OR you can pay £3 cash on the night, its best if you have change please!🌞

Please tell me in your reply how you will pay, and put your phone number so I can contact you, please put your email if you need a Money Request. You can also contact me on[masked] text or Whatsapp. If you don't put any contact details or contact me I can't guarantee you a space at the Meetup. We are limiting this meetup to 3 groups of 6 people, myself included. I will host one group and will nominate hosts of the other two but we will be only two meters away in the same part of the garden! If for any reason you pay in advance and dont attend, or we cancel because of extreme bad weather, we carry your payment forward to the next meetup.

Also remember the group Loyalty Cards? If you liked these please let me know and I will see if I can make an online version. Also I am setting up a website for Alexxa B and International Friends. You can now email me at [masked] 🐝

Everyone is welcome here and all ages and backgrounds. If you would prefer to be in a group of one age group please let me know when you mesage me. Also let me know if you are more interested in dating or making friends, and if you have any special interests.

Happily Covid restrictions are gradually easing. We don't expect people to wear face masks at our meetups, but you may do so if you feel safer. Many people have had a covid vaccination - myself included - so there is less anxiety around meeting friends but if you are worried please send me a message.

From Monday 17th the government guidelines are that people can choose whether to social distance or not with friends, and can also choose whether to hug those close to them! We used to be a very friendly group but please do what you feel is comfortable 😍

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