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What we’re about

Vision: A society of diverse women, who believe in the power of entertaining, the arts, community service, networking, a sense of self and the bonds of sistazhood.

MISSION STATEMENT: Sistaz Circle is an organization dedicated to improving its members through sisterhood, civic, personal/professional development and empowerment. We are committed to bettering our communities and ourselves by offering leadership opportunities. Create an opportunity for old and new friends to meet, enjoy social activities, and expand circles of friendships.

PHILANTHROPY: Besides participating in a variety of community and national charity projects, we will donate our time and talent to an organization of our choosing that we will invest in.

What we about

Private Group

Please Read Thoroughly before Joining!

This group is for Women ONLY. We will have several meet-ups every month, as well as, several trips planned for the year.

This will be a tight niche group of drama free ladies, Married or Single, who are very

active and enjoy having a good time. We will be a group of confident, mature,

responsible, supportive, positive women that first and foremost, love the LORD. I am all

about positive energy, laughter, and enjoying life to the fullest. I love traveling and

meeting new people who are comfortable in their own skin.

This group will be a small group of friends that not only enjoy fun times out, but will also

become sisters that can be supportive to one another when needed outside of the

group. We hope to cultivate and develop long lasting friendships and sisterhood. So,

whether you are new to the area and looking to meet new girlfriends, or you want

someone to travel with because your flaky other friends are always backing out last

minute, or you tried other meet ups and they were just not your cup of tea...your

sister girlfriends are here! Join us.


You must have a photo on your profile.

You will be REMOVED after 60 days of non-participation or 3 No-Show, reports of you

not showing up to a meetup you RSVP to and being courteous enough to update your

RSVP status to not going. This group is more concerned about the quality of our sisters

than the quantity.

Sistaz you are welcome to host and/or suggest meet up ideas. We are a team. excited to meet you Sistaz Circle!