What we're about

Group formed to discuss new technologies, tools, and best practices of monitoring infrastructure. How do we monitor, analyze, and alert on system actions and notifications?

Who should join: Anyone in the Boulder/Denver/Golden/DTC/FoCo area interested in the monitoring and alerting space. It seems that there are new monitoring tools and services popping up every day. What is everyone using? What's working and what isn't? Can you share stories and tips for those of us just starting to dig in to monitoring our services closely?

Why should members join: You should join if you want to learn more or share your in-depth knowledge of this kind of stuff with others in the area.

What can members expect out of the group: Hopefully you'll walk away from each event with a better understanding of what is out there and how to use it within your team or organization. Additionally, if you have a lot to share regarding Monitoring, Alerting, etc. ... you will hopefully feel good sharing what you have learned with your peers in the area.

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Casual gathering at Lazy Dog

Lazy Dog Sports Bar & Grill

How We SRE @ Netflix

VictorOps Mountain Basecamp

John Allspaw presents findings from the STELLA Report

VictorOps Mountain Basecamp

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