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What we’re about

Skeptical Theological Discourse is a religion discussion group that gets together to talk about religion from an interested outsider's standpoint. If you're an ex-theologian seeking to scratch that Bible discussion itch, please join us. If you're a lover of antiquity, please join us. If you're deeply interested in the fundamental workings of religion, please join us. If you are a comic book fan who is dying for another canon so you may argue endlessly about the continuity errors, please join us. Join us every Monday for unprotected, penetrating discussion. We'll also have other events throughout the month. There are a few things to remember about this group:

1) This is not a counter-apologetics group or an anti-theist group. Some aspects of our study may challenge theological orthodoxy or undermine conventional religious claims, but the point is simply to study religions skeptically.
2) This is not a group to proselytize. It is a group for skeptics to study mainstream religious scholarship away from apologetic concerns.
3) We seek an open mind when reading our text and take in the good and the bad when reading it.
4) We respect scholarship and critical thinking. Even if you think Moses was a Martian, recognize there are legitimate scholars and considerations that might push us away from that interpretation of the text.
5) We are cordial and relaxed, but also civil. The point of this group is to have constructive conversations about religion to learn about religion and better understand the reality that religion exists within.
6) Please recognize this group is not for everybody. If you want to debate against Christian apologetics, there are other groups to do so. If you wish to talk about how you hate god, there are other events where you may do this. If you have unresolved anger about Christianity, we may not be the best group to help. Please feel free to have those discussions elsewhere.

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