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We'll talk about James Randi and his educational foundation.

"The Amazing Randi" (his former magician's moniker) will present his views on paranormal, pseudo-scientific and supernatural - would be great if he could do it in person but by magic of the Internet we've located some great short video vignettes by Randi (including his TV show debunking paranormal) and some of 3-4 min lecture segments where he talks on

* ESP - come to find out what it is :o)
* making assumptions
* tricks of mind
* how physicists get fooled by a match box
* proving the negative
* his 1 mln $ challenge for paranormal
* the need for god - which god, by the way?
* parapsychology
* why Randi will not go back to the cave but rather wants to go to the stars

Bring your thinking and skeptical caps!

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