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Luis Edgar Cabrales Arriaga will talk about Management of Produced water from oilfields in Kern County. On average about 7 to 10 barrels of produced water are obtained per barrel of oil. The annual consumption of water in municipal/industrial and agricultural uses in Kern County is around 0.4 million acre-feet and 2.7 million acre-feet, respectively. In an average year, ground water supplies approximately 31% (1 million acre-ft) of it. In drought years with limited surface water deliveries, groundwater supplies the bulk of the water used in the county. On the other hand, the oil fields of the Kern County produce almost 0.2 million acre-feet of water annually while producing oil. Some of this water is injected into disposal wells. Much of this water could potentially be used for agricultural and industrial purposes in this drought-stricken area. In this talk, Dr. Cabrales Arriaga will present the current state of the reuse of this produced water, and also talk about some of the projects carried out at CSUB. Dr. Cabrales Arriaga was born in Tampico, Mexico. He received a BS in Chemical Engineering at the Instituto de Estudios Superiores de Tamaulipas in Altamira, Mexico. He gained experience working as an engineer at M&G Polymers, one of the largest polyester producers in the world. Afterwards, he went on to earn an MS in Chemical Engineering at Texas Tech University (TTU) working on research projects related to polymer science. Then, he joined the Fiber and Biopolymer Research Institute (FBRI) at TTU as a research associate. While working at the Institute, he earned a Ph.D. with specialization in Fibers and Biopolymers from TTU in 2011. Currently, he is an Associate Professor at the Department of Physics and Engineering at California State University-Bakersfield. His research interests are in the areas of functionalization of polymeric surfaces to impart antibacterial, hydrophobic, UV protection, photocatalytic, and oleophobic properties. He is also interested in the study of cellulose materials and the synthesis of polyesters from renewable resources, their characterization, and their processing. At CSUB, he continues to work on research related to materials science and engineering while initiating the engineering sciences program. Furthermore, he has been working in water treatment technologies that are cost-effective to solve some of the needs of the region.

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