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What we’re about

Love the power of a hand-drawn image? 

Are you a visual thinker but consider yourself rubbish at drawing? Are you doodling in meetings and want to improve your range of images? Are you an experienced graphic recorder who wants some focused time to try out some new techniques? Anyone who loves the power of hand-drawn images and text is welcome, regardless of ability.

Want to practice your skills in a friendly, focused group?

We’re a community of practice. We learn by doing. We iterate to improve. There are no rules about what’s good or bad. If you come, you can practice in a friendly, fun and focused place. There’s a structured agenda: we warm up, we practice the basics and then we sketchnote an interesting talk from YouTube. We talk about what we learned and if we want to, we can share our work and get input from others like us.

What to expect?

Expect to be challenged and inspired, supported and motivated. Expect to have fun and be surprised by how much you can improve with a couple of regular hours of practice.


SketchnoteLDN is organised by Dr Makayla Lewis (

Sketchnote-on-Location and Sketching-on-location are co-organised by Dr Makayla Lewis and Julia Rédei.

Previous co-organisers: Nidhi Narula and Uma Makan. 

Dr Makayla Lewis is By day… Makayla has a PhD in human-computer interaction from City University London. Her key interests are human-computer interaction, user experience, co-design, human factors in cyber security and smart money, and sketching in HCI. Currently, Makayla is a research fellow on Next Generation AI in Professional Services project at the University of the Arts London, Central Saint Martins. By night…

Makayla (aka Maccy) is also an accomplished visual thinker, sketcher, and visual note taker and her works have been featured in three visual thinking books and Adobe Blog. Makayla is a sketchnote artist and daily doodler who also enjoys sharing her process of visual thinking by organising international Sketchnote HangoutSketchnoteLDN, and sketchnote workshops. She is often seen in meetings, seminars, conferences, and events sketchnoting and has provided visuals for a multitude of organisations, conferences, and events. To view sketchnotes examples from 2012 to present check out Makayla’s flickr

Julia Rédei is a lecturer in business and management, is interested in how visual communication can lead to a more insightful understanding of complex issues and generate creative solutions. As a walking artist, she explores through movement, drawing and writing the stories we tell about our relationship with the urban and rural environment.

Some useful links to introduce Sketchnoting?

- An intro to visual note taking by Claudine Delphine

- An intro to Mike Rohde's sketchnoting approach (watch the Pecha Kucha video)

- An intro to graphic recording by Tanya Gadsby

-An example of sketchnoting a conference, on paper and with animation, by Matthew Magain