What we're about

Fascinated by ideas and want to communicate them better?

Curious about concepts and want to see them depicted in drawing form?

Join us for an hour, bring your favourite pen or marker and sketch along!


Sketchnoting, or visual note-taking, combines words with pictures in everyday notes to boost learning, memory and understanding. Sketchnoting is a practice that can improve your visual thinking and communication skills over time.


Drawing skills are NOT required!!! You will pick these up naturally over time, so don’t worry :-)


Our regular events will run for 1 hour, usually consisting of an “activity stack”:

• Three sections, each containing a 15–20 minute exercise

• Each exercise is guided by a facilitator, and is friendly for sketchnoters of all levels

Occasionally we’ll host special events including guest presentations, in-person meetups, and so on.


By meeting us regularly, you may naturally develop skills related to visual thinking. These are skills that you use in your work and everyday life. As a group, we’ll share our approaches and strategies to improve!

Examples of skills:

• Basic drawing skills

• Comic writing

• Creative thinking

• Facilitation

• Graphic design

• Graphic facilitation

• Graphic recording

• Illustrations

• Infographics

• Information design

• Mapping and diagramming

• Slide design

• Storyboarding

• Typography

• Visual collaboration

• Visual communication

• Visual metaphors

• Visual storytelling

• Visual synthesis

• Visual thinking


Once you’ve joined us for a session or two, you’re welcome to bring along your own exercises to share with us :-) Please make sure exercises are simple, inclusive of all skill levels, and don’t require more than 10–20 minutes to complete. If you’re unsure, feel free to check in with JC first via DM.


This group is for you if you’re a curious individual who wants to upgrade your ability to communicate or think through problems via sketching and the use of pictures.

Just bring your open and willing attitude to learning, sharing your findings and diving into new concepts and techniques :-)

This is an inclusive group, which means anyone can join. We would ask that you respect all members and their viewpoints.

We are a new group, so any feedback and/or questions are very welcome.

See you at our next event!!

Past events (2)

Let’s Draw: Psychology Tuesday @ Brunetti Flinders Lane

Needs a location

Draw What You Mean Monday @ Brunetti Flinders Lane

Needs a location

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