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I am Sourav and part of the initiative "SkillEarn" - our name is made of 2 words (Skill and Earn). These two words are interlinked and with mastering the first one, we reach the destination of the second in Life. We at SkillEarn are passionate about what we do. We have our courses handpicked that is best suited for today and future oriented. Our partners, instructors, and consultants strive to provide the best services possible, with the highest regard to quality, customer satisfaction and knowledge transfer.

Our corporate mission and vision statement motivate and inspire our associates and partners to support and contribute to innovation for competitive advantage. We are continually working towards excellence by adding new courses and innovative thinking to our team in order to ensure that our training programs, course delivery formats, consulting and knowledge training services meet the highest standard of excellence.

SkillEarn deems to be body of excellence by providing cutting-edge, high-quality training courses, seminars and education. Developed in partnership with employers, our courses address workforce needs, skill gaps and consulting services to help organizations achieve their full potential. Our best-in-class and global courseware is selected and designed specifically to build and enhance Critical Thinking and embed Skills making individuals proficient in the behavior and knowledge needed to succeed with confidence.

https://www.skillearn.org (https://www.krenovate.co.in)or call us at +91 844 8444 579

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/skillearned

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Day 3- Email & Social Media Marketing

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