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About us: We, as a budding community, explore boundaries of human potential and imagination. We want to connect, grow, inspire and enjoy. The ethos of this Skills Exchange community may be redefined and rediscovered again and again, yet, shall always be open-hearted, generous and all-embracing, to uncover great human potential and empathy.

We believe that we can create a safe online platform-and-offline local community to socialise-learn-teach. There never will be enough rules and regulations to stop unsuitable behaviours. May community ethos and personal intuition be our guide.

Where words fail, may generosity, faith and the embrace never stop. We believe the world is enough to embrace each one. We haven’t the plan-and-method, but we can be guided by the community ethos of generosity and brotherhood. We encourage inclusive, progressive and healthy communities worldwide.

What's the vision-mission of this group? An inspired open-hearted global community via Skills Exchange to enhance human connection, learning-teaching.

What we do in this group? Socalise-learn-teach.

What is the purpose of a Skills Exchange community meeting?

Organising Teams in various cities may call for Skills Exchange meetups because:

1. we are social beings and we like to meet people,

2. meeting as a community builds trust, advances understanding and creates opportunities for potential skills exchange partners to meet; as part of every meeting, each attendee will tell what she's looking to learn-teach

3. there's a topic at hand that is interesting for the local Skills Exchange community to explore

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Hi. Soon, this group may change city-location based on the next meetups city-location. We welcome friends from Vietnam, HK, Thailand.

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Let's do Skills Exchange: you teach me something, I teach you something. You join this community to try Skills Exchange, enjoy and discover together. Put up relevant details and photos in your profile to attract awesome Skills Exchange partners and to build trust. Post your request on Discussion. I try match you:

bit.ly/skillsform (http://bit.ly/skillsform)

Why Skills Exchange? I believe in daily, "quiet moments" of inspiration by ordinary people like you and me, changing the world, one Skills Exchange at a time.

Skills Exchange Vision-Mission: An inspired open-hearted global community via Skills Exchange.

Sample post on Discussion: Hi. Help me with French; I finished a basic class. I help with Chinese or guitar. Location Kallang, weekdays evenings. Details in profile.

About the Organiser, Karen Seah: I explore possibilities and evolve with the Skills Exchange community. I encourage socially-connected, progressive learning individuals. I dance Tango, paint abstract, do western classical singing and learn Improv Comedy. I like coffee.

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Skills Exchange Organiser’s Story

I was 14. Heading home after school, I sat at the uptown bus stop, waiting for my bus. An old lady walked on the road of tar beside the bus stop. Her small body curved forward, like a flower bud wilting on a short stalk. She had 80 years of age, short matt silver hair and wore the samfoo, Chinese sleeved-blouse and trousers set. She had the kind of face and appearance that evokes compassion in ordinary people. Her loose clothes fluttered in the wind. Two metres in front of me, she folded over to pluck a dirty paper cup encrusted onto the road at this busy bus stop. She walked off slowly with her humble find. I had tears flowing out my eyes that could not be stopped despite being a self-conscious teenager in public; I had wanted no granny pick trash off roads for food.

I spent the next decades confused by “bad realities”, yearning that no-one goes hungry, that no-one is deprived, of love and good things in life… … Then, gradually, I embrace these realities. Being on Skills Exchange community project is a way that I could be progressive: to enhance human connection and inclusiveness, learning and teaching at the same time.

In 2004, I wanted singing classes. I had an idea to teach Tango for singing classes with a friend. And I did. Later, I wanted to learn Spanish and Italian because of Tango and western classical singing. So I taught Tango for Spanish and Italian language help. First session, my amateur Italian language tutor turned up with a book, our language tool. People know what to do in a skills exchange situation. One of the ways I learn open-heartedness is to humbly accept from givers, in ways that I can never really repay. I learn that giving is taking, and taking, giving. Generosity is profound appreciation of what one is and has. I like skills exchanging because I learn about stuff and myself, and that I do not need much money to do so but being happy to share something with my Skills Exchange partner; there are opportunities for being now and here, learning something new, having fun, giving attention to others’ stories and invitation to include.

I like to travel. I imagine that it is possible to find a Skills Exchange partner because, say one is interested to know more about Thai spices or to practise Vietnamese, by sharing his culture or offering language help. I imagine that everyone may improve themselves through exchanging skills regardless of socio-economic status. I imagine that we practise empathy through intimate learn-teach situations.

Skills Exchange community is evolving. Each of us has influence in this beginning global community to inspire and open possibilities, one skills exchange at a time.

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