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Don't miss this Ops Matters event where we'll be joined by Sebastien Goasguen, founder of skippbox, Kubernetes expert and creator of Kubeless, and Robert Gormally from IBM Research Dublin Lab! Join in to learn more about serverless applications on Kubernetes and pushing data science onto IBM Cloud Functions!


Cloud Events in Your Serverless App!

Sebastien Goasguen, founder of skippbox, Kubernetes expert and creator of kubeless tells us more about serverless applications on Kubernetes.

Serverless on top of Kubernetes makes sense, it is just a question of user persona! But serverless is more than 21st century CGI, with Cloud Events emitted by your services there is a great opportunity to build an event routing system that will usher us in a new type of apps. In this talk we will demo Cloud Event based serverless applications on Kubernetes, strap yourselves!

About the Speaker:
Sebastien Goasguen
Startup founder / Innovator / Product Owner / Product Manager / Developer / Conference speaker / Teacher / Researcher / Tech Advocate / O'Reilly author / Marathoner / Mountainbiker / Former Astronaut Hopeful


Pushing Data Science & Analytics onto IBM Cloud Functions!

This session will describe the advantages and architectural considerations of using Cloud Functions, IBM’s serverless offering, when designing, implementing, and deploying a scalable data science & analytics project.

When you hear the term serverless, what comes to mind?

Eponymously, functions-as-a-service implies the invocation of relatively compact and short-lived pieces of code, and not computationally intense data science workloads.

Anyways, we have various flavors of Apache Spark and Kubernetes for heavy-duty work, right?

However, while powerful, these frameworks impose complex cluster management and configuration, as well as financial costs, on DevOps teams who simply want to Get Stuff Done!

This session describes the use of Cloud Functions, rather than Spark or K8s, to handle a scalable energy modelling & forecasting workload as part of a pan European project underway at IBM Research Dublin entitled GOFLEX.

The benefits of this approach, including automated scalability, backend simplicity, and cost optimization are discussed, as well as architectural and development considerations.

About the Speaker:
Robert Gormally
Robert is a software engineer based in the IBM Research Dublin Lab, and applies the Taoist principle of wei wu wei to software development whenever possible.



Attendance is free for registered delegates, and you can register here:


WHAT: Ops Matters September

WHEN: Thursday 20th September

WHERE: Skills Matter, CodeNode