Keynote by Mark Rendle on Keeping Up With The Framework

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At this month's .NET Matters, Microsoft MVP and CEO of RendleLabs, Mark Rendle will be sharing his keynote talk!



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Keeping Up With The Framework

.NET has moved fast since 2016. From a big, heavy, closed-source framework tied to the Windows operating system to a fast-moving, light-weight, open-source, cross-platform runtime and framework, lots of changes to be seen in a short space of time. And now Microsoft has announced that the next version of .NET Core after 3.0 will just be .NET 5, and that's the future of .NET from here on.

That's great, but for those of us who have been working on .NET 4.x for all this time, it's also a bit worrying. There are millions of lines of C# and VB.NET tied to the old framework, and no clear migration paths for some of those solutions. What's a developer to do?

In this talk, Mark will take a look at the various kinds of applications and services that have been built on .NET over the last 20 years, and discuss the new alternatives to some of the now-deprecated frameworks and features they used. From WCF and ASP.NET WebForms, to ASP.NET MVC and WebAPI and Entity Framework, he'll explore the modern components and technologies that can drive similar solutions, including Blazor, gRPC and the Core versions of the older frameworks. He'll also talk about strategies for migrating big solutions without stopping the world, and techniques for future-proofing new projects against other, as yet unknown, changes that may come further down the line.



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WHAT: Keynote by Mark Rendle on Keeping Up With The Framework

WHEN: Wednesday 27th November

WHERE: Skills Matter, CodeNode