Info Session: Localiser Accelerator Programme


Do you run a business or organisation in Islington, Haringey or Hackney? Would you like to improve you and your team’s skills so that you can develop your enterprise? Are you keen to play an active role in your local area, develop local clients or partnerships, and benefit your community?

If so, join us for a totally FREE accelerator taking place in Finsbury Park. The accelerator starts in May and will run one day per week for 12 weeks. On Tuesday March 3rd 2020, we’re hosting a launch event where you can find out more about the programme, meet the organisers, start thinking about whether it might be suitable for your enterprise and meet other potential participants.

The accelerator programme is being launched by Space4, in partnership with business incubation consultant Steve Taylor. Localiser will support a cohort of enterprises that are committed to generating wealth within the local economy by creating jobs, purchasing local goods and services and playing an active role in the local community.

Most accelerator programmes that support ‘startups’ are focused on super-fast growth, using venture capital to generate as much wealth as possible for founders and investors. However, research shows that most of this wealth flows out of the local economies in which these businesses are based; indeed, startups tend to increase inequality where they are based. Localiser is designed to move away from this entrepreneurial model; we call it a local wealth building accelerator. Of course, we want to help people create successful enterprises and do well. But we also want them to participate in building an inclusive, resilient and sustainable local economy.

We like to use the word ‘enterprises’ rather than ‘businesses’, because the definition is more plural and inclusive. Localiser will offer support for a diverse range of enterprises: tech startups, social enterprises, worker-owned businesses, coops, micro-businesses and SMEs, community businesses, family businesses, charities and more. It’s about shared values and goals rather than any specific types of enterprise. The programme will be especially useful if you’re just starting out, are at an early stage, are spinning a new venture out of an existing enterprise or want to take a significant leap forward.

We’re looking for budding enterprises in Finsbury Park and surrounding areas who are prepared to commit one day a week over the course of three months. Each week we’ll cover a different topic to boost your enterprise & its contribution to the local economy. Each morning session will be group work: expert talks, workshops, learning and practicing. In the afternoon you’ll receive one-to-one mentoring support, focused on your enterprise and on your own professional development. You’ll get the most out of the programme if you are able to do a little ‘homework’ between weekly session – although there’s no obligation to do so.