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What we’re about

Las Vegas is probably the world's capital for Body Painting and some of the best body paint artists in the world live in or visit Las Vegas on a regular basis.

Body Painting is seen EVERYWHERE in Las Vegas. When a company wants to attract attention at a convention, they hire body painted models! When someone wants to win a Halloween costume contest, they get Body Painted for the win! People like to wear body paint on a more casual basis too,. EDC, First Friday, Drum Circles, and Art Festivals are just some of the places you'll see works of art on a human canvas.

This group is for body paint artists, enthusiasts, photographers and models. We'll be offering affordable and low cost classes and workshops for people that want to learn how to do it, and photographers will be invited to create quality portraits so that the art will still be around long after the paint has been washed off.

Many (if not most) of the activities will be FREE, and those that require a fee will be as affordable as possible. Children will be permitted at most events. Some events (mainly classes and workshops) may have models wearing little to no clothing and every effort will be made to inform members of this so they won't be offended.