What we're about

Are you an entrepreneur with a family? A Mom with a business? A Mompreneur?
Are you tired of talking solely about your child’s development?
Are you so much more than a “Mother” (despite what society is trying to tell you)?

Slay-at-Home Moms is a tribe of women raising businesses and children who are ready to reclaim their identities as more than just Mothers.

Don’t get us wrong, being a Mom is HUGE! And we’re not discounting that. We’re not a community of Motherhood or children haters.

We just know that women, especially entrepreneurial women, are so...much...MORE!

We’re multifaceted, multi-passionate, driven, empowered women with so much to give the world and we wanna talk about it!

You’re a great fit for this group if...

😴 YOU’RE BORED OF BABY CHAT - You’d rather mastermind your business than discuss your child’s development milestones over coffee (or cocktails!)

😎 YOU’RE DOING MOTHERHOOD YOUR WAY - You rebel against patriarchal standards expected of Mothers and women.

🕵️‍♀️ YOU’RE SEEKING YOUR TRIBE - You work from home, juggling rugrats and a business between naps and have realized you don’t know that many women in your situation.

👩‍💻 YOU’RE NO HOBBYIST - You’re less interested in earning a bit of pocket money for yourself and are determined to build a business of impact and easefull, recurring income. Who knows...you could end up being the primary breadwinner! Maybe you already are!?

🙅‍♀️ YOU SAY “NO DEAL” TO HUSTLE - You align more with the Chillpreneur business-building philosophy than the Gary Vee hustle-till-you-drop strategies. You’re calling in a part-time business with more than full-time income. And you believe it is TOTALLY possible for you.

We’re the Mother’s Group you wish you had!

We foster a community of support for women balancing raising their children, growing their business and prioritizing themselves. It can sometimes feel like too much and not enough, all at the same time. The Slay-at-Home Moms are here to remind you, you’re not alone and to review and rewrite your expectations of Motherhood and business ownership.

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