August 2019 Meetup

This is a past event

75 people went


It's time for yet another data community meetup, this month it's all about AI and Data Science from two Microsoft MVPs.

Session #1: Let Image Data Confess: An Intro to CNN and Deep Learning Applications

Duration: 60 minutes
Level: Intermediate

Data comes in all shapes and sizes. Massive amounts of imagery and video footage data are main parts in enterprise data repositories. Using deep learning techniques powered with deep neural networks grant us the power to interpret these huge data loads with state-of-art results. The session demonstrates the ability to use Azure Machine Learning Services, DLVMs and the power of the cloud to perform complex AI computations in minutes.

Speaker: Haritha Thilakaratne, Graduate Researcher, La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia
Microsoft MVP - AI
Twitter: @naadiya007

Session #2: Data Science with SQL Server Machine Learning Services: Predictive Experiment
Duration: 60 minutes

Level: Intermediate

Making data available for data science was considered as very expensive and it was rare to see data scientist works directly with a database for experiments. Most, widely-used languages for data science were not available within DBMSs and DBMSs were not rich enough for experiments. The good news is, SQL Server Machine Learning Service is now equipped for data science. Let’s have a look on it and see how we can create training experiments and predictive experiments with it. Let me show you;
+ What is Data Science and its processes?
+ What is SQL Server Machine Learning Service?
+ Configuring SQL Server for data science
+ Make a training experiment and predictive experiment using Python within SQL Server
+ Consume a trained model using TSQL

Join me to learn about the usefulness of this in both operational and business intelligence areas.

Speaker: Dinesh Priyankara, Founder/Principal Architect at dinesQL & Co-Founder/Director at InnoventSys
Microsoft MVP - Data Platform
Twitter: @dinesh_priya