SLDC January 2020 Meetup


Welcome to the first edition of the Sri Lankan Data Community meetup for 2020. We will open this year with a focus on SQL Server Containers on Azure and Sentiment Analysis which is an application of Natural Language Processing (NLP)

SESSION #1: Deploying SQL Server Containers on Azure

Containerizing has become a dominant topic in the modern-day. It plays a vital role in the software development process. As a predominant data platform, SQL Server provides containerized application deployment while ensuring rapid development/test and continuous integration and continuous delivery. In this session, Pramod will explain and demonstrate different ways you can achieve containerization of your SQL Server instances, both on-premises and on the cloud. Furthermore, will discuss orchestrating the deployment process using Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS) which offers High availability for SQL Server.

Pramod Weerasinghe
Software Engineer - BI - Virtusa
Twitter: @pramod4lk

SESSION #2: Finding intended meaning of “I hate you” - Sentiment Analysis using NLP
When someone says “I hate you”, you might be surprised if you find its intended meaning as a positive. Sometimes it is tricky to figure out whether the statement is positive or negative but the good thing is that Natural Language Processing (NLP) along with Sentiment Analysis can help us determine it! Join Dinesh in this session, where he talks about NLP, Sentiment Analysis, how to perform a simple one using Excel, and then a more complex one using NLTK and Scikit-Learn.

Dinesh Priyankara
Founder/Principal Architect at dinesQL, Co-Founder / Director at InnoventSys
Microsoft MVP - Data Platform
Twitter: @Dinesh_Priya