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The main aim of the meetup is to gather students and inspire them to the permanent thinking about the state of the ART and the future of AI based methods, technologies, new computing paradigms and their application. The aim is to stimulate students and young people towards core AI systems in various applications. The meetups will consists on discussion about visits on worldwide research labs and also inspiration talks from Slovak and also international experts via skype or tele presence. All meetings should be broadcast on the social networks. This meetup is an AI.SLOVAKIA initiative activity, which is an exclusive national platform for AI in Slovakia.

More you can find on https://aislovakia.com/ ;

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Empathic Computing

Institute of Computer Technology

Speaker : Laura Pitukova - Bc student in Interlligent Systems

In recent years, there has been an increasing interest in the emerging field of empathic computing, which aims to create technology that can detect and respond to human emotions. The development of empathic computing has the potential to revolutionise various industries, including healthcare, education, entertainment, customer service, and music. The seminar aims to explore the concept of empathic computing, its applications, and its potential impact on human-technology interactions. Participants will gain insights into the growing importance of empathic computing technology in our increasingly technology-driven world.

Let's come and discover together how empathic computing technology can transform human-technology interactions.

We do prefer - live meetings - we are willing to stream upon request .