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What is a professional (like a doctor, therapist, lawyer, candlestick maker) or privately-held-business owner to do when it comes to getting new business? In school we weren’t taught anything other than our specialty and now that the economy requires ALL of us to market, how do we survive?

And even if you use all the free information at our website, you need to understand how marketing works so you can use the power of this "system" to make huge differences in your profit.

THAT is what we talk about at this Meetup. Led by expert video-marketing psychologist Dr. Marc Kossmann and video-crazed Wharton MBA marketer Charlie Seymour Jr, this group focuses on a short topic each Meetup before opening the discussion to what can most help those around the table.

And we use "business spotlights" (some people call them hot seats). We spotlight your business and get all our creative minds to help find you a solution to that nagging business-building challenge. And since we (Dr. Marc and Charlie) make a living by coaching professionals and small-business owners about how to use video marketing (and other forms of offline and online marketing) to Dominate your niche online and then Automate all the follow up, we are quite comfortable guiding the group to share valuable information to help you too.

And be sure to connect with Dr. Marc for our Business Spotlight Series of recorded interviews - your business will be the focus as we talk about your marketing, the Internet, and how video marketing can help you.

Come brainstorm with other busy professionals and small-business owners who wear all the hats in the shop. We all have strategies that work and can learn from each other. And while the focus is on teaching each other about what we do to generate new referrals for our businesses and keep our present clients happy (and working with us!), we also network with each other to generate business within the group itself, too.

Join us the third Monday of each month. We meet bright and early (7:30 - 9:00 AM) so that you can use the rest of the day to implement what you just learned. Come, share your ideas, learn from those who may have the very solution you’re searching for.

See you on Monday at the Meetup! Oh... and get there early to grab a "seat at the table!"

Dr. Marc Kossmann and Charlie Seymour Jr

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