What we're about

Bring Hope to your business!

Together, we solve business problems experienced by small business owners, solopreneurs, & freelancers!

Are you wrestlin' with your business?

Bring your questions, and together we'll workshop and share experiences & ideas to help you break through your business blockers!

This is a group of small business owners & freelancers looking to make their businesses work harder for them (and do the work of their dreams)!

I started this group, because for 5 years, running my business was a chore. It took me 7 years to get my biz to a point where it is helping me achieve my personal goal of being present at home with my family and children.

My goal is to help you discover the joys of owning a business quicker than I did!

Women-friendly, GLBTQ-friendly, newbie-friendly, family-friendly. All are welcome to this judgement-free space for small business owners!

All questions welcome!

• "How do I get more leads?"

• "What should I charge for my service?"

• "I feel like I'm drowning in my business!"

• "I'm _always_ working (and I hate it)!"

• "Got any ideas about SEO?"

• "Does this product make any sense?"

• "I've hit a ceiling with my business revenue?"

• "How can I fill in the revenue gaps during slow times?"

• "Where do I find a local expert to help me with [insert thing here]?"

• Etc.

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