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You probably realize your small business needs some form of internet marketing, but no one can seem to explain to you how internet marketing works in plain english... I WILL TEACH YOU TO DO INTERNET MARKETING ON YOUR BUSINESS YOURSELF This meetup group will be an ongoing series of classes about how "non-techy" small business owners can successfully use various methods of internet marketing to build their offline or online business. *looking to get a website but amazed at how expensive it can be? *already have a website but feel it's not being used effectively as a business building tool? *unsure what exactly your web designer / marketer does with all the money you're paying? *are you ready to dominate your market in this competitive economy? THIS WORKSHOP SERIES IS FOR YOU The goal of this group is: (1) to have all members truly various understand internet marketing tactics (2) to have concrete take home goals after each class that you can apply yourself right away (3) to be able to see the results of your efforts quickly TOPICS COVERED Through a series of hands on workshops, we'll cover the follows topics: -Design Your Own Website Yourself in 5 Mins For Free -Getting on Google: What Is "Search Engine Optimization" And How Do I Do It Myself? -Getting on Google: You Can Get to the 1st Page of Google for 10 Cents -What's Twitter.com And How Can I Use It For My Business and many more topics. JOIN FOR FREE TODAY Join the meetup group today to learn about the upcoming workshops. You don't want to miss these crucial secrets of how you as a small business owner can and should be applying these simple internet marketing concepts to grow your business today.

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