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What we’re about

Hello there! Welcome :)

A genuine heartfelt smile is born when we feel connected, supported, at ease. Smiling Spaces organizes and facilitates spaces where such connection, presence, well-being can be nurtured, where joyful smiles can be rediscovered, remembered, relived. That is our ultimate purpose – to foster and multiply such smiles in the world.

Science confirms that our emotional state directly affects our thoughts and our physical state, and vice versa. This knowing encourages us to be deliberate about taking good care of our emotional state, so that its health reverberates into other facets of our existence. At the same time, we also bring focus to physical, mental and spiritual aspects of our being - cultivating a balance and healthful well-being in all aspects of our lives.
We offer assistance to those, who desire to raise their awareness, who wish to live in joy and believe it is possible, who strive to grow, who care about themselves and the world around. For that purpose we create spaces and communities to share a smile – over a bad joke, over a good connection, over an interesting story, over an awkward silence even; we intend the world of care and cooperation.

The events we organize through this group have the intent of sharing experiences, teachings, practices and ideas that are of interest to us, that aim to enhance our understanding and awareness. We hold a variety of events: NVC (Non-Violent Communication) workshops and practice groups, discussions - intellectual and experienced-based - about emotions and life philosophies and society, self-expression through music, game nights, potlucks, ect - and we are open to ideas that you may have about what else can be arranged.

We are looking forward to sharing a smile with you :)
~Aliona, creator of Smiling Spaces

I would like to share: my dream is that this group will grow over time into a community, where we share knowledge and certain values, and are open to and respectful of others' different values as well. One shared value among all would be respect for spaces - smiling spaces - where people come to share, to learn, to open up, sometimes to release what is alive, and ultimately to re-discover and nurture the inner smiles within them.