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The Journey of an entrepreneur is never easy, it is never what we plan it to be. It comes with its challenges, challenges through monies, people, customers & scale. We have seen it all and with years and tears, we have passed each step forward, sharing our stories with you, ensuring that our wrong moves, our lessons and experiences can help you make your journey so much more smoother and push you forward towards your growth faster.

This group will engage in on-line meetings, seminars, workshops, networking sessions and special speaker sessions and will be lead by Salma Moosa ( https://www.salmamoosa.com (https://www.salmamoosa.com/)) & Vivek Srinivasan, (https://viveksrinivasan.com (https://viveksrinivasan.com/)) as mentors, guides, friends and your support system.

You could be a student, pre-founder, founder or someone interested to connect with them all, you could always be a part of this group.

This is a place for people who have the heart to give value to others here, take value from others and keep progressing through any and every hurdle that may arise. This is a place for the "Go-Getters" of the world.

You can always write to salma.vivek2020@gmail.com or call +91 9980015351 to reach us

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Salma Moosa | Vivek Srinivasan

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Shark Nite - Startup Validation Event

Online event

You can be the audience through live streaming, register for free on https://startupsquares.com/sharknite/

Or you can choose to pick the Delegate Pass and be a part of the Zoom Session to interested, Engage, connect and collaborate with the global ecosystems.

Some of our Speakers come from a vast experience across industries. They have worked with legends such as Steve Jobs and Michael Dell. They have inspired so many and are here for you, so all it takes for you is to get good internet access and spend the evening to be inspired towards greatness.

Join in to and to know more, just spend a few minutes on this link https://startupsquares.com/sharknite/ and you will know why you cannot miss this one

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Open House 06 - Ask what you need

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