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The Journey of an entrepreneur is never easy, it is never what we plan it to be. It comes with its challenges, challenges through monies, people, customers & scale. We have seen it all and with years and tears, we have passed each step forward, sharing our stories with you, ensuring that our wrong moves, our lessons and experiences can help you make your journey so much more smoother and push you forward towards your growth faster.

This group will engage in on-line meetings, seminars, workshops, networking sessions and special speaker sessions and will be lead by Salma Moosa ( https://www.salmamoosa.com (https://www.salmamoosa.com/)) & Vivek Srinivasan, (https://viveksrinivasan.com (https://viveksrinivasan.com/)) as mentors, guides, friends and your support system.

You could be a student, pre-founder, founder or someone interested to connect with them all, you could always be a part of this group.

This is a place for people who have the heart to give value to others here, take value from others and keep progressing through any and every hurdle that may arise. This is a place for the "Go-Getters" of the world.

You can always write to salma.vivek2020@gmail.com or call +91 9980015351 to reach us

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Salma Moosa | Vivek Srinivasan

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Early Stage Startup Capital - Workshop

Online event

5 ways to raise Capital for an early stage Startup. “Times are Tough” you have heard many say that. Here we are ready to get “Real” on the “Tough Times” https://startupsquares.com/workshop/ We will get this out of the way, what is an “Early Stage” for an entrepreneur, it is that time of the journey when the you have just got the problem statement right, have a decently good understanding on the solution that you have put together and you are fairly clear on the kind of funds that you would require to get the ‘Idea” the solution out in the market. That is what we call an early stage and that is when, most of the startups die an early death due to lack of funds (most often). The Act - This workshop is designed for you, if you are heading towards this stage, or bang on in it at this point or have just passed through it. We will touch some very key aspects of an early stage startup’s worse nightmare when it comes to fund raise and a rollout plan of the idea. We will cover the following: 1. Defining an “Early Stage” for a Startup and understanding the funding requirements 2. Double click on the 5 different ways an early stage startup founder can raise capital 3. Discuss the “Pros & Cons” for each of the funding options 4. Processes that can be laid down to understand the route to be taken when it comes to fund raise 5. Tick off the things that an entrepreneur needs to do and not do after raising the first round of capital The reason we call our Workshops, the “Act” is because we ensure that we have you ready to act upon the things you learnt during this session. We shall end the session by designing 1 or 2 (as time permits) Capital Raise Strategy real time for the delegates in the session. Expert for the session - Salma Moosa ( www.salmamoosa.com ) BOOK your slot. Payments are non-transferable and/or non-refundable - https://pages.razorpay.com/SSWS About Startup Squares A platform created by a team that has worked with 10000s of entrepreneurs from across the world, build collaborations and partnerships with multiple enablers. We have initiated these weekly workshops on Zoom, as the ACT, that will give you a detailed understanding of every topic. Further to the workshop, if you need support to execute, you will get a 12 months incubation program that supports in EXECUTION of the plans but it is optional, for now, you have a lot that you can understand, ask and plan for yourselves for each of the topics. Read below the session details this week and if interested, just pay Rs.499/- through this link https://pages.razorpay.com/SSWS to block your slot Startup Squares [masked]

solo-preneur's success challenges - MEET

Online event

Startup Squares has been walking with 10000s entrepreneurs for the last decade and through the past 2 brands and now with Startup Squares, we get you. We understand the challenges that you face and how those challenges grow in size the moment you are a solo-preneur. This Meet, we will discuss the various challenges faced by solo-preneurs and also see how best possible to address the same as we brain-storm, even fuss a little bit why things are the way it is. Startup Squares also want to take one step further, we will pen down all the concerns those cannot be solved by us and also mail to the various departments in the ecosystem (DST, MeitY) through our partners of how they can support solo-preneurs Join to have a voice, Join to make a difference, Join to find solutions, Join to understand the road to successes, especially if you are a solo-preneur. Pay Rs.99/- to complete your registration for this MEET. Use this link - https://rzp.io/l/meet Thank you Team Startup Squares www.startupsquares.com

Transfer Pricing in the COVID-19 Scenario

Online event

INVITING FOR THIS SPECIAL SESSION "Transfer Pricing in the COVID-19 Scenario" Transfer pricing is the general term for the pricing of cross‐border, intra‐firm transactions between related parties. ... A transfer pricing study lays out the level of payment a subsidiary or member of a group should be paid for its services by another member of the group. In Startups, when founders set out to build a global offering, it is very critical for them to know the compliance behind it. The complete structure on how it works when you are looking at international transfers of funds to and fro. This is Speaker Session from our Partner Firm - Corporate Catalyst India Pvt. Ltd. and the Speaker is Karthik S S, Associate Director, Taxation ( https://www.linkedin.com/in/karthik-s-s-73258858 ) and we will cover the following: 1. What is Transfer pricing & “arm’s-length principle”? 2. Importance of sufficient transfer pricing policies? 3. Different transfer pricing methods & how it effects your organisational structure? 4. Benefits of a transfer pricing study? 5. Does Transfer Pricing play a role in Domestic Transactions? Register here by sharing your email ID & Phone number for us to Send you the Zoom link for this event. Team Startup Squares

Digital Demo Day 2020 - Global by Startups Club

Online event

For the past 7 years, we at Startups Club have been putting together the Demo Day in order to enable the connect between startups, entrepreneurs and investors. Over the years we have seen several successful startups come through the Demo Day. While we have conducted the event across various cities in the past, we had restricted the Demo Day to Bangalore alone during the past couple of years. This year has been a tough one for everyone and while distancing is a theme at the same time coming closer together and working more collaboratively has never been more important. This has prompted us to move Demo Day online and bring the global eco-system together at Demo Day 2020. If you plan to pitch to investors across the world at the Demo Day, pick up your Pitch Pass (Pitch your startup) / Delegation Pass (Attendee) Now! We will take you through the evaluation process soon after. About Digital Demo Day For 7 years, Demo Day has been an offline event that has brought together the eco-system. This year we are taking the leap into the unknown. The situations forced upon the world has caused us to think more about Demo Day and how we have been doing it. Also what is best for the entrepreneurs and the eco-system. This is going to be a format that nobody has pursued in the past and we hope that it encourages more connections, more engagement and better outcomes for all of the people involved. We will keep adding more information and announcing greater details about the speakers, investors, startups and participants from across the world, who will be part of this event as we work to bring this all together. We look forward to your participation. By picking the Pitch Pass (Rs.2499/- or US$ 50) You will be shortlisted through a call, then will pitch to Startups Club through Zoom Session and could be selected as the finalist to pitch to jury consisting of global investors. If not selected as finalists, your pitch pass will be converted into 5 Delegate Pass (Attendees). By picking the Delegate Pass ( Rs.499/- or US$ 10) You will be a Delegate getting access to the main stage (webinar) where you will witness pitches, speakers and panel from across the world, you get access to market spaces (virtual stalls), Partner Rooms. Talk-Rooms with 1on1 with investors on special passes, you can write to [masked] to Partner or purchase digital baskets to access special rooms / benefits. Pick your passes from https://startupsclub.com/demoday/ and block your slot to a global event. More Details to be added as we get closer to the event. See you at Demo Day! Team Startups Club

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Compensating your first team - Workshop

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