What we're about

This is a safe space for people who want to learn personal development or/and improve their life!

I have studied every single day in Bob Proctor Coaching and his teachings are life-changing.
Do you know the movie called The Secret?
It is a great movie, however, it is missing the most important points.
I provide lessons about what Bob teaches so that you can learn:
✅ How to set a goal
✅ How to unstuck yourself
✅ How to reduce your stress/anxiety
✅ How to achieve your goal
✅ How to make your dream come true
✅ How to apply what you learn in personal development into your life
✅ and so much more!

I am planning to teach for the first 20 minutes or so and then we can discuss what we have learned, and how we can apply it to our life so that we can make our lives a happier, more wealthy and healthy ones :D


✅ ゴール設定
✅ 人生どうやって前に進むか
✅ ストレスや不安を軽減する方法
✅ ゴールの達成方法
✅ 夢を叶える方法
✅ 自己啓発を勉強して習ったことを実際に人生に活かす方法
✅ 他にもたくさん!


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