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Southern California Real Estate Network is a way for local Real Estate investors and professionals to get together and collaborate in order to grow themselves and their business! This group isn't specific to any kind of Real Estate! We encourage you to join us if you're already involved, or just interested in getting istarted in any aspect of the business! We've all heard it, your network is your net worth and we're a great example of exactly that, come to our next meeting and see the power of collaboration in action!

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How I Made $120k Net Profit In 3 Months On One Out Of State Flip

For this meetup I thought It would be cool to do a case study on one of the many flips that I did last year! This is something I want to do more, exact step by step case studies so you guys can see the what, how, where, and why of active investors use when doing deals! I have dozens of these I can go over if its something you guys get value from. We Will Discuss: How I found the deal (lead source) How I got the deal How I funded the deal How much the rehab cost How I sold the property And exactly how the numbers broke down 6PM - 6:30 PM Networking! 6:30PM - 7:00 PM Case Study 7:00PM - 8PM Q&A/Discussion and Networking Hope to see everyone there!

Experienced Accredited Investor Round Table (Charity Donation Included)

This is a round table discussion for accredited and experienced investors to meet, discuss deals they're working on, and just network and meet other active investors in the city. This meetup is open to experienced real estate investors, entrepreneurs, and professionals that are looking to generate better returns on their money so we can gather and mastermind ideas, discuss recent investments, and grow as a grow. We are going to reserve either a nice private room at mastros or a nice conference room in the beverly hills area. I am charging a $100 admission fee for this but at the end of the night we will all decide on a charity and we'll donate all of the money right then and there. *An Accredited Investor has an income of at least $200k/year or $1M in assets. THIS MEETUP IS EXCLUSIVE TO EXPERIENCED AND ACCREDITED INVESTORS ONLY! PLEASE ONLY RSVP IF YOU ARE ACCREDITED!

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