What we're about

Are you interested in playing soccer but:
- you've never touched a ball before?
- you're experienced but just want to have fun with new people?
- you're out of shape or worried you're too old to start?
- you've been playing for years but still suck?
If you answered yes to any question, seek no more, this group is for you!

The purpose of this group is to gather other beginners to form a team and play in the Pasadena adult soccer league ( http://www.adultsoccerleague.com ). The games are on Sundays and the next season starts mid-February. They have different divisions, we'd start in coed recreational division E (people who've never played) and work our way up.

We built two teams so far: one coed (5 women, 7 men) and one men's (13 men), with players aged between 20 and 50. The game format is 7v7 (with up to 4 male players / at least 3 female players in coed) so feel free to invite your family and friends! If many people are interested, we can always form more teams.

We're mostly looking to keep in shape while having fun and improving together, but we'd like new players to be able to commit to most games. The fee per team is $725 for the season (for the organizers, you can check the fee schedule on the website), so that would be about $60 per person if split among 12 players. In addition to the team registration fee for the season, you'll also need to get a $25 ID card with the league organizers valid for the year, which you can also use for other leagues and locations (for example, if you also want to play for another team on Mondays in Glendale), or for the next seasons in 2019. Besides the Sunday games, if other people are motivated, we could also meet up during the week and have practice games together.

Upcoming events (2)

Weekly practice game!

Jefferson Park

Our first meetup was a success, with 16 people showing up and a lot of goals scored on each side! Let's make it a weekly event to get in shape together before the season starts on March 3. I'll bring a ball and a pair of goalkeeper gloves, let us know in the comments if you can come with equipment for the team! (goal posts, team bands, etc.) If you are not registered on one of our teams, you're still welcome to join as long as you're fine to share play time with everyone.

Season kick off!

Villa Park

First game of the Winter season! Please read the meetup description and RSVP if you'd like to join the team! In particular, make sure you're OK with the $60 per person towards the team registration fee, and that since this meetup is intended towards beginners, we may be losing many games as we progress together. The game schedule is not decided yet but expect to have games every Sunday afternoon for about 3 months. I'll pay the $725 team registration fee shortly before the January 13 deadline and will be counting on my dear teammates (you!) not to cancel at the last moment. You'll also need to purchase your 2019 League ID card by yourself on their website. We will form two teams: one for the coed league and one for the men's league. AFTER you RSVP, please fill this questionnaire to help us form the teams: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSekWSAN5S6wYSkkSz3qivNG5fd87eyV_4iIKRJrtH0m7MT6OA/viewform?usp=sf_link UPDATE 01/07: the two teams are now full but feel free to RSVP still and we'll contact you if a spot frees up. UPDATE 01/09: one spot available in the coed team as full-time goalkeeper (not field player). UPDATE 01/28: the league start has been pushed back one week, to March 3 (Sunday). The schedule is not fixed yet but the coed team will likely play in the afternoon and the men's team in the evening. Two fields: Villa Park and Jackie Robinson.

Past events (3)

Weekly practice game!

Jefferson Park

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