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SoccerFours is a non-profit organization created to provide pickup soccer opportunities to adults in the San Francisco bay area.

This group is for anyone interested in getting together to play in SoccerFours sessions.

SoccerFours runs 1-hour sessions where we play 4v4 games on small fields (with goals, but no goalkeepers).

+ Teams are made up on the night.

+ No scores are ever kept for games.

+ There are no referees.

+ Games are typically 8-10 minutes long, with a 30 second break between games (keep the water handy!). We rotate teams and fields so you get to play against new teams to keep it fresh.

+ Since there is no league and no scorekeeping, this is the place to work on getting better at soccer (no matter your level) because if you mess up here, no one cares. Your team can never 'lose'. It's a liberating experience! :)

Sessions are $8/person per session (7pm and 8pm). (These fees are to cover costs for field rental, equipment, insurance, etc...)

Please check our website for details on session locations and cost. http://www.soccerfours.org/ (http://www.soccerfours.com/)

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Thursday SoccerFours 8PM @ Kimbell

Needs a location

4v4 pickup (up to 4 simultaneous games depending on turnout). First session begins at 8pm. Each session is one hour long. Teams are created at beginning of each session and capped at 5 per side to ensure playing time for folks. Substitutions are enforced by the facilitator every 2 minutes so playing time is even spread evenly and everyone can just focus on having fun playing rather than worry about who's going to come out to make room for them. :)

The vibe is laid back and fun. Like all SoccerFours sessions, teams are made up at the field, and scores aren't kept. There are no leagues. It's just organized pickup soccer run by a facilitator. $10/person for the session. RSVP here and bring cash to the field or sign up on our main site if you'd like. (If the slots here are full, try our main site to see if there are any left.)

If you see no one signed up via this MeetUp, rest assured we WILL be playing. Most of our signups happen through our main website. MeetUp is used to help new-to-town/just visiting folks find us. :)

Let's have some fun! :)

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Thursday SoccerFours 8PM @ Kimbell

Needs a location

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