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See video: Recent dinner @ exclusive venue (https://youtu.be/djtmK20rB2o):

Website: http://sobutterflies.weebly.com (http://sobutterflies.weebly.com/)/

Have you been to just about every meetup... whilst secretly hoping to meet someone?

Do you keep telling your self that... you have time?


These things happen... naturally? I'm too... shy? etc

Well, maybe you need a social butterfly to flutter your way! A unique Meet Up that addresses the needs of those serious about meeting their partner in this very busy and often lonely city.

Each applicant will be met face to face to evaluate their needs and when a suitable match is found ...walla!!..you will be contacted, simple, yet effective.


Fees: No match no fee policy. Other agencies cost £900+ to join and we rely on our members to spread the word. What makes this meetup unique is that we are not just about photo's and profiles. We are looking for people who are serious about meeting a potential future partner and don't hide behind all the endless meetups going on. You are met face to face to ascertain your exact requirements.

The following process and fees apply: *£30 per year introductory membership (payable in advance-after your initial phone chat). This includes:

*30 minute face to face consultation in Kennington (often lasts longer).

*Feedback to each person by telephone after dinner date.

* 30 minute telephone chat.

* Arranging ties and dates for your first date.

Once we find you a match a fee of £50 is payable for the introduction. You will meet your date at our exclusive private members venue and drinks are at your own cost.

Here are 2 recent reviews - also see photographs of our social events online:

" I met Social Butterflies at a trendy Cafe in Brixton and from the moment we sat down she made me feel completely at ease. It was really good fun talking about my requirements for a partner and not awkward at all! Cynthia seemed to get me right away and knew instinctively what it was I wanted and who could be a great match for me. I also really liked the fact that she was thorough with her questioning and also did all the necessary security checks making me feel confident that all my potential matches will also go through this process. Cynthia is warm and caring and really wants to make a difference for all us love seekers out there! Thank you Cynthia, cannot wait to spread my wings! " - Adelle on September 15

"I met the Social Butterfly in a lovely setting at a clean, upmarket yet social and comfortable pub in Oval, a short walk from the tube station. We were meant to sit for 30 minutes but 2 hours later we were still talking, and Cynthia was taking in-depth notes. In the past things started great for me but ended sadly. This is a last throw of the dice.I only have positive superlatives to describe Cynthia's (aka Social Butterfly) approach, compassionate, understanding, relate to experience, and talk, felt like I was not talking to a stranger but someone who lived through my experiences. I was able to open up deeply about myself and felt very comfortable with explaining what I am looking for. I felt she was dedicated to making others happy. I feel drained from my past relationships and it's nice to have someone do the work of finding a partner for me (although I am still very present in the entire occasion). In addition, the meet-up was first rate. I couldn't have asked for anything better. Thanks so much, Cynthia :-)I know I have to be patient and have an open heart. Cynthia gave me so much confidence,tips and things to think about with my future dates... way to go Social Butterfly!!" - Ravi March 15


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