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What we’re about

Hi there :)
Not sure if this is the right place to start this, but who knows?…maybe it’s the perfect place…I guess we’ll see.

-reflecting on ourselves as the centre of our life circle, & exploring our amazing unique individual self
-identifying our goals, & priorities, & challenges in our lives
-supporting the individual to succeed & find wholeness in the many areas of life

I have a deep, genuine, sincere passion, & vision to make a positive difference in our world!
And to overall improve our human experience across societies.

The premise for starting this group, is the idea that across our world, in all global human societies, the current systems & structures, & realities that make up our lives, are not effective in truly guiding & positioning an individual to find real inner wholeness; & be properly prepared with the practical factors needed to have the clear awareness to identify our true self, our true goals, & then to actually have a better chance at succeeding in them.
I see that life, in our societies, is presently set up to primarily be “reactive”; so, as we see the state of society, I believe the balance needs to more emphasize a “pro-active” engagement through the different stages of our lives…from start to end.
“That’s just life..get up, brush yourself off, & keep going” is not something I believe is a helpful approach.
If we are going to set out to do meaningful things with our one life that we get here, then let’s actually fully live! With purpose, & true awareness! Let’s create our own personal fulfilling life journey… True freedom… Not by simply accepting the current myriad of ideologies that have led us to the current state of affairs… It’s time for a change… It’s time for a new Individual perspective… I like to call it “the age of humanity”… Where we take back our own individual lives; our own deep inner truths; our deep, profound awareness of who we are…Our place here, & now, & in the universe… Yeah, it’s time to think big… Bigger than ever.
I’ve been trying to put my life in a place where I can come alongside individuals of all walks of life in the community to encourage & help guide, & cheer on people as we all try to succeed in the good goals we all set in our lives.

For people in any setting or level or stage of life;
even if you’re wildly successful; that’s great, let’s support that & build that to continue in a positive way.
Maybe you’re in a very challenging place of life for whatever reason; let’s find support & get help to get to a good place.
Or maybe you just find yourself in a normal stage of life somewhere in between those extremes… Great… Let’s support & help guide life to a successful place day by day, step-by-step.

This is simply a support system; it’s not meant to take the place of professional experts, who are properly trained, & already in place in society.

I understand there are many factors that contribute to, & influence the overall state of our lives, & our personal wholeness.
I understand we all carry our own personal unique factors with regards to philosophical, psychological, biological, theological, & so many other realities.

My goal, however, is to try to approach this from a NEUTRAL place, where the human individual is the priority, & learning & growing in who we are is what truly matters.

My original thought was to find a way to reach out to the community to offer individual 1-on-1 social beneficial guidance/support, though I understand through this meet up app, it could maybe even also be a periodic group social support setting.
I’m open & hoping to do both in some type of measure, as my life schedule allows.

I am not a trained professional in any kind of social work.
I consider myself a very educated individual, with a good variety of life experience, who has arrived at a good wholesome place of life, & desires to make a positive influence in the world.

I’ve spent many different seasons, through the last couple of decades, supporting individuals through faith communities, & volunteering with social service communities, & even volunteering to work with children through those organizations.
What I’m trying to say is that it has always been in my heart to make a difference.

Just to understand who I am a bit more… I have navigated this unpredictable life, just like any of us have. I have thankfully successfully accomplished becoming a professional in 2 careers. I had experience being married for almost 11 years.
I am very involved in raising my 2 kids… I love being a dad!
I thoroughly enjoy my career & enjoy building a good healthy social network in life.
I have always been a big, deep thinker… with a real depth of soul… I love science, nature, pop culture, learning about all the aspects of our lives, & our world, & our universe.
I love & respect all of humanity.

As I have walked through my own personal life journey, & walk with others in theirs, I believe there are ways that we could & should be supporting each other as individuals, as we all journey through the different stages of life.

I live & see & hear about all the different realities of our lives, & the real practical things we all face daily.
I see how society can more practically & more genuinely provide support to the every day person, as we are all hoping to arrive at good places of success in all the good goals we set for ourselves in life.

If this sounds like something you can also envision, I would love to meet with you, & come alongside you to succeed in life.
Of course, to also learn from you.