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PLEASE READ: This Meetup group is part of a large network of Meetup groups devoted to Best Practices with Social Media Marketing Strategies and Face to Face Networking. These Meetups are organized by;

• Bill Belew (http://billbelew.com/) <= click to know more

• Cami Baker (http://camibaker.com) <= click to know more

We have more than 28,000 members total in the United States - from Boston to Silicon Valley and are growing by over 500+ new members per month.

We meet regularly in person and usually invite ALL our groups to attend. This in remote locations can join by watching LIVE STREAMING of the event ... or by watching the replays.

We look forward to answering questions for you about your strategies in any of the following:

• inbound marketing

• outbound marketing

• social media marketing

• search engine marketing

• email marketing

• F2F networking!

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The owner of this Meetup group, Bill Belew (http://billbelew.com/), is a professional blogger = for many years he has paid his sizable Silicon Valley mortgage through revenue from traffic to his network of sites.

Bill Belew is a university professor (http://www.ccuniversity.edu/) and in-demand speaker from Digital Media Asia Malaysia to Mexico to NYC to Blogworld / New Media Live in Vegas to Talks@Google and his home-town, Sunnyvale, in the heart of Silicon Valley.

Bill Belew is the owner of the Content Marketing Expert forum. (http://forum.billbelew.com/signup) <= Meetup Members can join for FREE.

He is the author of the best-read series How to Blog for Money and Traffic (http://billbelew.com/blog/how-to-blog-for-traffic/) online, six published books and one university textbook with Kendall Hunt Publishing (http://www.kendallhunt.com/belew/), adopted by a university system with over 17,000 students

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Social Media Marketing and networking involves




content marketing

Social Media Marketing encompasses a broad, diverse set of processes: search, content networks, email marketing, affiliate networks, video ads, social media, viral marketing, SEO and more.

Our organizer, Bill Belew, is a Content Marketing Expert and Consultant. (http://www.billbelew.com/)

His primary source of income is from creating content for his many clients - small, medium and local businesses.

This Meetup is for Sunnyvale, Mountain View, Palo Alto, Menlo Park, Los Altos, Santa Clara, Campbell and San Jose residents.


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