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“Connecting People and Cultures around the Globe” The vision of People to People International is that a network of culturally knowledgeable global citizens will be an active force in creating and sustaining a more peaceful world.

Believing that it is through connecting people across borders and cultures that we build the relationships that create understanding, the mission of People to People International is to offer multinational experiences that foster cross cultural learning, develop global leadership skills, and connect with an international network of people committed to making a positive difference in the world.

Because in an increasingly interconnected world, success in making a positive difference will come to those best prepared to work and lead across borders and divides, People to People International provides innovative ways for people to experience, learn, lead, and connect.

A framework for Action

The purpose of the PTPI Hub is to provide a physical space where our members (http://ptpi.be/index.php?article_id=11) can work, rest and play. It is a space where we can share, learn and create together, and give to each other directly, without the extra hassle of intermediaries. The PTPI Hub, designs, manages and facilitates networks and partnerships which cultivate community-driven, multi-stakeholder projects that allow everyone to play a role and contribute to a stronger society in Belgium.

In an age of interdependence, we strive to ensure that our social and business partners find our Hub a respectable space, to anchor and showcase initiatives that highlight the role strong communities do deliver. When communities are strong, inequalities and sources of conflict are reduced, and constraints are removed to solution-finding.

Chalks Corriette

President - PTPI Europe


www.ptpi.eu (http://www.ptpi.eu)

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Rewrite Your Eating Story: Start Your Mindful Eating Journey

TIMESMORE (formerly VIP Offices)

Workshop: Rewrite Your Eating Story:
Start Your Mindful Eating Journey
By Daniela Simionescu

Brussels: 22 March 2023

Register here: https://www.imaginationclub.org/brussels/rewrite_your_eating_story.php

*** Please note new venue below ***

Have you ever thought that each of us has a unique and complex eating story? We use food some times to soothe ourselves, to cope with stress, to numb difficult emotions, or as pleasure or reward.

In this experiential and informative workshop, you are invited to power up your curiosity and discover emotional eating as a fascinating story about what makes us human: our needs for love, connection and belonging. It sounds counterintuitive, but when it comes to food, also, we do not need more control, we need more self-love and kindness, and less self-judgment.

We will explore, in particular:
A different way to frame our relationship with food.
Our current eating stories using visual, intuitive tools.
Setting yourself free from the old stories using mindfulness tools and setting clear boundaries around food.
A simple, personalised, toolbox to help you start a mindful eating journey.
We will learn to decode our ongoing emotional eating stories so that we can create mindful eating boundaries for ourselves in a compassionate, sustainable way.

About Daniela Simionescu
Daniela works as a translator and as a life and health coach. She has had for many years a complicated relationship with emotions, food and diets. Her personal story and the health issues pushed her to learn more about the bigger picture of eating. Back in 2020, when COVID hit, she started training with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition to be able to factor in nutrition and lifestyle as resources in her coaching sessions. Following an Emotional Eating Psychology advanced course was a natural next step.

Daniela offers individual and group coaching to help busy people untangle unhelpful eating habits, make better lifestyle choices and develop personal ecology habits. She is currently writing her first digital Emotional Eating 101 course.

She is also very passionate about animals and is finalising this year a Master degree in Ethology and Human-Animal Interaction at the Faculty of Animal Science and Biotechnologies in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. She loves her life in the Belgian countryside with her rescued cats and dogs and three ponies will join soon her family.

Learn more about Daniela and her work:
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/daniela-simionescu-health-coaching/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100089053693420 and https://www.facebook.com/coaching.appetit.vital (in French)
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/emotionaleatingexplained/

- - - - - -

Practical Information:

Wednesday, 22 March 2023 from 18h45-21h00

New Venue (well, actually a return to our old venue):
Boulevard St Michel 47, 1040 Brussels

How much?
€15 to cover expenses including materials, drinks, snacks, etc. - payable at the door.

Event web page https://www.imaginationclub.org/brussels/rewrite_your_eating_story.php

Want to come?
Please follow the link above to sign up for for this workshop.

Please share
If you feel your friends, family and/or colleagues may be interested in this workshop, please share it with them. The Imagination Club relies on new participants to cover our operational costs and maintain a diverse, perceptive and intelligent audience (in other words, people like you) for our events.

Confirm Your Participation
If you wish to attend this workshop, and have not already done so, please confirm your place by sending an e-mail to [masked] or following the link above.

Registration to workshops may be limited.

Deep Conversations Dinner


Deep Conversations Dinner
Brussels: Monday, 27 March 2023
The Deep Conversations Dinner has returned and you are invited!

Register here: https://www.imaginationclub.org/brussels/deep_conversations_20220630.php

Do you like the idea of meeting someone from a different background, skipping the small talk and immediately diving into a deep, thought-provoking conversation - while enjoying a healthy meal? If so, you'll love our Deep Conversation Dinner!

The concept is simple. After a brief introduction, you will be paired up with someone you don't know and given a set of thoughtful questions to ask each other over dinner. After ordering your meal, you sit down at a table and choose a question to ask your conversation partner and ask.

You can follow up with more questions and take the conversation in any direction you wish and are comfortable with. Then, your conversation partner asks you the same question. Continue this way for about 90 minutes -- and you and your conversation partner can continue your conversation afterwards, if you like.

After about 90 minutes, we will gather together again for a debriefing and feedback session.

The Deep Conversations Dinner will be held at Kamilou Arts-Loi near the centre of Brussels and the EU district. The restaurant offers a selection of dishes, including vegetarian and vegan, as well as meat and fish. They also have a selection of alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks. Please order at least a drink and ideally a meal or a snack.

Please tell your friends about Deep Conversation Dinners.
Its success is dependent upon having a wide variety of participants (so we can pair you with a conversation partner who is different from you). The more new people who join us, the better the conversations.

The Deep Conversation Dinner will be overseen by Imagination Club founders, Jeffrey Baumgartner and Andy Whittle.

Deep conversations is inspired by Oxford University professor Theodor Zeldin's Conversation Dinners and Vienna Coffee House Conversations (also inspired by Professor Zeldin's concept).

Practical Information

Monday, 27 March 2023 from 18h45-21h00.

Please arrive no later than 18h55 to ensure you can be paired up with a conversation partner.

Kamilou Arts-Loi
Rue Joseph II 36, 1000 Brussels

How much?
€10 contribution to the Imagination Club + Cost for your own food and drink that you order.

Event web page https://www.imaginationclub.org/brussels/deep_conversations_20220630.php

Want to come?
Follow the link above to sign up for for the Deep Conversation Dinner.

Confirm Your Participation
If you wish to attend this event, and have not already done so, please confirm your place sending an e-mail to [masked] or following the link above.

Registration to workshops/events may be limited.

Community Central (tea/coffee/fun/info)

TIMESMORE (formerly VIP Offices)


Every Thursday 09h00 to 13h00 – Montgomery area of Brussels

For many people around Brussels, the traditional methods of looking for work, meeting new people and getting ones’ head around things in Belgium, have not been satisfactory. There is a desire to find out more, learn more and get more done……

People to People International (PTPI) Community Central, is an informal gathering. It is a space to do things together, learn together and give to each other directly, without heavy and obtrusive intermediaries.

You can pop in and out when it suits you, grab a drink/snack and experience community central - there is no participation fee; we operate a system where people make a small donation (2 euro), for the refreshments.

TimesMore House


Boulevard St-Michel, 47

1040 Brussels

About People to People International

The vision of People to People International is that a network of culturally knowledgeable global citizens will be an active force in creating and sustaining a more peaceful world. We deliver activities focused on international understanding and friendship.

About TimesMore

You are passionate about your business. We are passionate about hosting it. We provide the space, the network and the services to enhance your life's work.

Chalks Corriette

Regional Chair; Europe

Board of Directors; Global


ASBL/NGO registration number:[masked]

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The Power of Personal Narrative: Unlocking Your Story Potential

TIMESMORE (formerly VIP Offices)