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What we’re about

We are social innovation enthusiasts building a progress accelerator & monetary rewards system.

Join the open Social Innovation Network for Entrepreneurs, Coders and Investors!

Our community meets openly and collaborates on social media and social coding platforms aiming to speedup projects for the benefit of all contributors.

Our project accelerator meetups bring together coders, professionals and executives interested to accelerate their projects and sharing their services through a cloud network so that they will match automatically to build optimal solutions.

The W3AI platform will run like a continuous open hackathon to facilitate automatic discovery and combinatorial reuse of projects and services, APIs, business and investment scripts.

Programmers -
Join us to learn how to annotate your APIs and microservices such that they are discovered and engaged automatically for best paying projects.

Entrepreneurs and Professionals -
Join us to learn how to express your ideas and annotate your services such that they are chained automatically in winning optimal solutions.

Investors and Marketers -
Join us to learn how to express your investment and marketing strategies in a smart reactive format that produce value continuously.

All members are encouraged to experiment different roles, to expand their network and automate their services on the cloud accelerator network. 

Join us to change the world for good with smart cloud services!

Join the Project Accelerator Network!

We are looking for co-organizers, sponsors and presenters.
If you want to present or contribute services in the areas listed below please contact us.

AI, Smart Markets, Smart Contracts, Reverse Game Theory, Theorem Provers, Problem Solvers, Mechanism Design, Natural Language Processing, Analytics, Big Data, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, IoT, Cloud Computing, BlockChain, Open Source, Programatic Marketing, Agile Software Development, Test Driven Development, Social Coding, Crowd Funding, NoSQL, Graph Databases, Functional Programming, Reactive Programming, Genetic Programming, Microservices, Web Services, APIs, DevOps, Design Patterns, Evolutionary Architectures, etc