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What we’re about

This group is for women for social networking from our LGBTIQ community. The group's focus is in improving the connectedness of our lesbian community.
We welcome all LGBTIQ women and their women allies to our events.
I encourage you to host events and be part of a team.

Members of this group treat each other with the utmost respect and courtesy. Unkind or inconsiderate behaviour won't be tolerated. Please always address other members, whether in writing or person, in a polite manner. Aggressive or confrontational behaviour is simply unacceptable and will be dealt with swiftly. The organiser reserves the right to remove any comments that go against our group philosophy.

PHOTOS This group is not public (as some are). Your photo is only visible to members of Social Lesbians in Melbourne (SLIM) meet up.
Group photos not acceptable. Head and shoulder photo of yourself is preferable, so that we can recognise you at events. Blurred images, computer imposed images, cartoon images or images that cover your face are not accepted. Photo tidy-ups will be done from time to time by the Organizer and if you do not meet these guidelines you will be removed. You are welcome to rejoin with correct photo.

(1) It is preferable that members register their attendance to an event individually. This helps organisers and members identify you and greet you at events. In addition if you are on a wait list, the automatic feature will only select the next individual person and not anyone with a Plus 1.
(2) The 'Plus one' feature is for introducing any prospective member that may be interested in joining. They may attend one event. Any further attendance the prospective member will need to join.

When you can no longer attend you are required to update your RSVP. If you do not update or you have not contacted the Host/Organizer of the event, you will be marked as a 'no show'. Two 'no shows' will automatically remove your membership from the group. You are welcome to rejoin.

CODE OF CONDUCT Subject to all rules and guidelines as per Meet Up. By joining this group you accept the Code of Conduct and Terms and Conditions run for events. Due to recent COVID restrictions, all events will be run with DHHS rules. Please familiarise yourself with the latest on their website. before attending an event.

MEMBERSHIP FEES - charges Organisers an ongoing fee. To help absorb some of this cost, a fee of $2.00 will be applied to each event. This will be advertised on the Event.


While we aim to ensure everyone has a great time and gets the most out of our events, it is also important that we ensure there are a few guidelines in place to make all events an enjoyable experience for every attendee.


1. This code of conduct applies to all events hosted and /or organised by Social Lesbians in Melbourne.
2. By registering for and/or attending any event, attendees agree to comply with this Code of Conduct and accept all of its conditions.
3. Any failure to comply with or breach of the Code of Conduct may result in;
a. Immediate cancellation of your ticket (if applicable at a paid event), with no refund for tickets or any other associated costs;
b. Ejection from the event
c. A ban from future Events and
d. Removal from Events Facebook group or Meet up group.
4. The named ticket holder (if it is a ticketed event) remains responsible for the use of the ticket, whether or not they are the actual attendee(s) of the event.
5. Attendees must abide by any rules, terms or conditions outlined by the venue, irrespective of said rules being expressed verbally or in writing in addition to their obligations under this code of conduct.
6. Attendees are required to adhere to all federal, state and local laws and by-laws regarding of use of venue and behaviour at events.
7. Dangerous and/or illegal activities will not be tolerated, including but not limited to:
a. Aggressive actions towards other attendees;
b. Offensive behaviour (including but not limited to sexist, racist or otherwise demeaning language);
c. Indecent exposure;
d. Fighting; and
e. Possession of weapons which could result in substantial risk or harm to persons or property
8. Attendees participating in the aforementioned or other dangerous and /or illegal activities will be ejected from the event.
9. Respect and consideration must always be given to other attendees, staff and any members of the general public. Rudeness, use of indecent language and other obscenities will not be tolerated, and may result in being ejected from the event.
10. Behaviour involving of discrimination on the basis of race, gender, appearance, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity or disability will not be tolerated and may result in the offender being ejected from the event.
11. Every due care has been taken to ensure the venue is safe. Attendees agree that Social Lesbians in Melbourne , its management, volunteers and members are not responsible for any loss, damage, theft or injury that occurs during any event. Attendees are responsible for their individual actions and any repercussions that may result.
12. Venue-organised security at events are there to ensure the safety of attendees, venue staff, volunteers and venue. Attendees agree that security personnel may eject attendees from any event for endangering the safety of other attendees, staff, volunteers, venue or themselves or for breaching this Code of Conduct. Any decision on whether the Code of Conduct has been breached will be made by the organiser of this meet up group
Code of Conduct v1.2019 v2.20.06.23
Maria , Organizer \