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The Brooklyn Futurist Meetup is where we discuss what the world might look like in ten years or more. Speakers explore trends with transformative potential... or ones that are just fascinating.

Our events usually run in Brooklyn or Manhattan where most members work or live. Topics are not Brooklyn-focused. They are open to attendees and speakers from anywhere. This is America's largest future-focused meetup with 5,000+ members and in the top 5 globally. We also run a global network of future-focused meetups with tens of thousands more like-minded members in cities like Stockholm, Bangalore, London, Berlin and Singapore. Contact the organizer for details.

We meet several times per year with presentations by world-class guest speakers, followed by spirited, respectful discussion. We encourage you to mingle with fellow attendees before and afterwards. Review our member profiles - you'll find an amazing array of entrepreneurs, contrarians, tech visionaries, big thinkers, creative types and more.

Our topics are unlimited. Past events looked at music, chocolate, "now" futurism, women in innovation, sustainability, space commercialization, nanotech, DARPA, the Lowline, the Ocean, Automation in the workplace, web privacy, business, 3D Printing and media. We're planning more exciting programs in culture, science, technology, education, entertainment, commerce and societal relations. Your suggestions for topics, speakers, event formats, partners, perks and sponsors are welcome.

Please note:

Our site and live events are not platforms for members to promote their own endeavors. Members join to hear the speaker, engage with them and enjoy stimulating mutually beneficial conversations with others. That means no self-promotional or commercial blurbs/links on the comment or post sections, long touts of yourself/company at events. Violators will be removed from the group.

Similarly, let's keep the political rants and snarkiness to a minimum.

Feel free to have one-to-one conversations with other members on whatever you fancy.

If you have a product, event or service you want to promote to our members, contact the organizer to sponsor the meetup for a financial investment.

Twitter: @CryoNYC

Media Coverage:

August 2015 Focal Press User Group of the Month.

The Guardian by Jordan Hoffman (April 2015): http://www.theguardian.com/culture/2015/apr/29/meet-the-brooklyn-futurist-the-group-using-star-trek-to-save-the-world

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http://technical.ly/brooklyn/2015/10/28/wat... (http://technical.ly/brooklyn/2015/10/28/watch-rohit-talwar-future-business/)

The Brooklyn Paper (Feb 2015): Forward-thinking Brooklynites gather to discuss the future (http://www.brooklynpaper.com/stories/38/9/24-brooklyn-futurists-2015-02-27-bk_38_9.html)

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Livestream of our April 23, 2015 Meetup with Morgan Gendel: http://livestream.com/LivestreamPublic/BrooklynFuturist (http://livestream.com/LivestreamPublic/BrooklynFuturist)

Our YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/BrooklynFuturist 11,000+ views

(Thanks to Joly McFie - Internet Society NY Chapter):

The Future of the Brain with Dr. Gary Marcus: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1o87XMK9GLA

The Now Future with Dr. Amy Zalman, President of The World Future Society:


The Lowline with Daniel Barasch:


The Oceans with Aaron Hirsh:


Brain Science and the Military with Jonathan Moreno:


3D Printing & Manufacturing with Makerbot, Shapeways and D-Shape: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qhk0Vb9wsfU&list=UUHMgaalzS_Fv5uvh0U4ZLrw

Web Privacy with Cole Stryker:


Mobile Technology – Member Presentations:


Women in Innovation - Part 1: https://vimeo.com/54396559
Password: meetup12

Part 2: https://vimeo.com/54607822 Password:meetup12

Read More Articles About the Future:


Stay tuned for more futurist resources - books, videos, events - check out the "pages" tab.

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We welcome inquiries from sponsors for ongoing or one-time support of our meetups. Please contact Mike Taubleb, the organizer. We are always looking to improve the turnout, content and networking aspects of our meetups, as well as ways to fund the highest visibility guest speakers possible.

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Please don't post it without getting our written permission first or we'll remove it. If it is something worth emailing our members, please contact organizer well in advance (at least 2 weeks out), so we can coordinate with our other member emails. If you are promoting a clearly commercial enterprise, we'll generally request a discount code for our members and a free admission for one or two - or sponsorship of our meetup. We often co-promote, co-produce events with other meetups and show them the courtesy of getting explicit permission beforehand. Appreciate you doing the same for us.

Liability Waiver:

This is NOT a Professionally Organized Event and we are not professional organizers. You agree to participate in these events completely at your own risk and to take full responsibility for your own safety and well-being, including those of your guests. You agree not to hold the Meetup Organizer, Co-Organizer, Assistant Organizers, Event Hosts or any other members responsible for any injuries, mishaps, or any other situation that may happen at a planned event. Your attendance at the event signifies that you have read and accept the terms of this liability waiver.

Upcoming events (5)

Pitch Your Startups to VC- Pitches & Feedback

Online event

Meet The Venture Capitalists - Pitch Your Idea ****VIRTUAL EVENT***** MUST RSVP ON EVENTBRITE TO GET ZOOM CALL LINK.BELOW IN DESCRIPTION: https://bit.ly/2ZSI28m New York Entrepreneurs, Startup & Business Coalition TIME : 6:30 PM EST Meet Venture Capital & Angel Investor - Pitch Your Idea (ON ZOOM) + 1:1 VIRTUAL NETWORKING Meet the VCs and get Advice on how founders should calculate and justify their valuation at an early stage? Agenda & Learning: - Introduction - What can companies do to get off the ground and raise VC money - How to get featured in popular publications - What do VCs want in the founder? - What is the best way to get in touch with Angel Investors or VCS? - What are the biggest mistakes founders make when pitching VCS? MUST RSVP ON EVENTBRITE TO GET ZOOM CALL LINK.BELOW IN DESCRIPTION: https://bit.ly/2ZSI28m Pitch Your Idea Are you a startup looking to pitch your company in front of an audience and panel of expert Startups, VC's and Audience? This is your chance. Meet, field questions, and get immediate feedback from investors and Audience HOW THIS WORKS Interested startups are required to block a slot in the ticket section on the event. There are 2 types of slots available; 3 MINUTES PITCH SLOT OR 1.5 MINUTES PITCH SLOT Meet Our Venture Capitalists for the Night: Panelists: 1. Charmaine Hayden - Partner at Good Soil VC | Financial Times 100 Bame leaders influencing the tech sector | Forbes 25 Leading Black British Business People By the time Good Soil was founded, Charmaine had already built 2 incredibly popular diversity brands (5x award winning ethnic/curve model agency - Face4music and Goal Digger power circle - a hub for female entrepreneurs) before many people were even thinking about braving the “diversity” conversation. She credited her thick skin and solution focused attitude to her tough upbringing. Now a Founding Partner at Good Soil VC. She describes their fund as being dedicated to minimizing funding disparities in tech by investing in startups with high growth potential whose founders are women, people of colour, LGBT or otherwise disenfranchised. Whilst Charmaine’s entry path via empowerment, talent and entertainment could be considered an unconventional path into venture capital. She has managed to marry the two. So as well as being a host on one of the hottest online talk shows “Not for the radio” which amasses an average of 100,000 views per 60 minute episode. 2. Eric Bahn - Co-Founder and General Partner at Hustle Fund Eric Bahn is a Co-Founder and General Partner at Hustle Fund, an early-stage venture capital firm based in San Francisco. Hustle Fund invests in software startups at the pre-seed and seed stages, backing founders who exhibit great execution and high velocity (aka, hustle). Previous to Hustle Fund, Eric was an angel investor and venture partner at 500 Startups. And prior to becoming a professional investor, he spent over a decade as an operator and entrepreneur. Eric draws from his product and growth experience to advise his founders in scaling their own enterprises. 3. Sarah Leners - Senior Associate at Bull City Venture Partners Sarah Leners is a Senior Associate at Bull City Venture Partners where she invests in seed and Series-A companies in internet, software, mobile and technology sectors. Prior to joining BCVP, Sarah was an investment banker at Lazard Middle Market where she specialized in M&A execution for Consumer, Food and Retail companies. Sarah began her investment banking career at Deutsche Bank where she focused on valuation, capital structure optimization, mergers and acquisitions and strategic advisory in the Real Estate, Gaming, Lodging and Leisure sectors. Connect with Us: Facebook Page - https://bit.ly/3hRrIMC Facebook Group- https://bit.ly/3fOX7NI Meetup Group - https://bit.ly/3hV6VaP Instagram - www.instagram.com/professionalunite/ MUST RSVP ON EVENTBRITE TO GET ZOOM CALL LINK.BELOW IN DESCRIPTION: https://bit.ly/2ZSI28m

Free Cryonics Conference - Biostasis 2020 (ONLINE)

Online event

Free Cryonics Conference - Biostasis 2020 (ONLINE) 250 tickets to Biostasis2020 available for free. Get one while the free tickets last : https://biostasis2020.eventbrite.com/ Speakers : Grey Fahy (21st Century Medicine, Inc), Aschwin de Wolf (Advenced Neural Biosciences, Biopreservation.com), Max More (Alcor Life Extension) Robert McIntyre (Nectome), Joao Pedro de Magalhaes (senescence.info) and 20 more, please check https://biostasis2020.com/

Oct 26th - NY's Biggest Startup & Entrepreneur Business Networking Mixer

**FREE GIFT WITH CONFIRMED RSVP AT THE EVENT** This is the largest networking mixer for Entrepreneurs, Startups and Business Professionals. RSVP REQUIRED TO ATTEND Oct 26 - https://bit.ly/36eysxk Are you looking for co-founders, partners, coaches or core team members for your start-up? Please join us for an evening of creativity, inspiration and passionate conversations. Hosted By - New York Entrepreneurs, Startup & Business Coalition. Facebook Page -http://bit.ly/2cWkaeD Facebook Group- http://bit.ly/2pyuv5m Meetup Group -https://bit.ly/2AVAyoS Please use @TechWebTalks to share your comments/pics for this event. Ambiance: -Name Tags will be provided to everyone who attends. We request you put your name and industry on your name tag. - Make sure you bring enough business cards. - The dress code is Business Casual. Timings: - Event is from 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM. Arriving on time recommended and stay as long as you wish, no restrictions. Admission: RSVP REQUIRED TO ATTEND Oct 26 - https://bit.ly/36eysxk Support The Space: Since the venue is letting us use the space for the event, please support them buy ordering (one mandatory) beverages and food. ***As alcoholic drinks are served at this venue, all attendees must be 21+.*** All Future Events - https://bit.ly/2SgP4iM Venue Sponsor - High Bar Sponsorship & Business Queries Only - [masked] www.professionalunite.com FUTURE EVENTS, FREE TO ATTEND BUT RSVP REQUIRED Aug 10th- Brooklyn - https://bit.ly/2W9Wh6Y Sep 14th - https://bit.ly/2LHWcSS Oct 26th - https://bit.ly/36eysxk All Future Events - https://bit.ly/2SgP4iM Facebook Page - https://www.facebook.com/nyclocalevents/ Facebook Group- https://www.facebook.com/groups/NYCESN/ Meetup Group - https://www.meetup.com/Intro-to-the-NYC-Startup-Community/ Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/professionalunite/

Speed Networking & Business MatchMaking: Fastest Way to Expand Your Network

Must Read Description CONFIRM YOUR SPOT THROUGH EVENTBRITE RSVP.LINK BELOW https://bit.ly/37zUTNY Mostly everyone is aware about Speed Dating but not many know about "Speed Networking". Speed Networking is much similar to "Speed Dating" minus the "Dating". Here, the concept of "Dating" is applied to your professional life where You meet professionals just like yourself, face to face, one business professional at time. Whether you are an entrepreneur, small business owner, legal or medical professional, in the finance, real estate or entertainment industry - this event will offer the perfect occasion to expand your business, social or enterprise contacts. All in a setting and speed -in your very own style. CONFIRM YOUR SPOT THROUGH EVENTBRITE RSVP.LINK BELOW https://bit.ly/37zUTNY Flow of the Event: The event is organized in a round‐robin “speed networking” style, with attendees rotating in small groups to engage in open discussions with other seated attendees. There will be time to mingle with other attendees after the speed networking rounds. Potential Topics to Talk About: Whether you are currently on the job hunt, seeking advice about professional growth, seeking funding for your startup or simply hoping to learn about possible paths to take your aspirations to the next level, this event is an excellent opportunity to expand both your knowledge base and your network of contacts. CONFIRM YOUR SPOT THROUGH EVENTBRITE RSVP.LINK BELOW https://bit.ly/37zUTNY Keys to making the most of Speed Networking: 1) Bring and distribute your business cards. Exchange cards with your partner at the beginning of each three-minute session—this can be a time saver. When you exchange cards, take time to read what is on your partner’s card. The other person will see this as interest on your part and, equally important, it will help you remember faces and names later on. 2) Develop an efficient way to introduce yourself. Consider developing an “elevator pitch”—a response you can give in any situation when someone asks you who you are or what you do. Think about how you want to describe yourself. You could talk about your current position, explain a project you’ve undertaken, or describe your goals for 2019.. 3) Contribute to an effective conversation. Make sure there is an even exchange of dialogue. Pose a question or make a point, and let the other person respond. Ask about the challenges and needs your partner faces in his or her organization or industry. This will give you an opportunity to establish common ground and, if appropriate, to offer ways in which you’ve solved similar problems. 4) Follow up with individuals with whom you made a connection. If you feel that there is the possibility of furthering a relationship with a contact, express that to the person during your session. The key to making the most of Speed Networking is to follow up with your contacts over time to develop credible business relationships. Key Benefits: - The main purpose of the speed networking is to meet lots of new contacts in a short space of time. - Helps maximize your time at the forum making sure you meet the people that can offer you real business opportunities -If you take into account each participants business contacts, you are potentially connecting with hundreds of relevant industry people -A great icebreaker, the informal format takes the awkwardness out of traditional networking, it is a fun and easy way to meet a wide variety of people Attendee Participation Includes Below industries but not limited to: • Advertising And Marketing • Art Directors • Business & Management • Computer And Information Systems • Engineering • Entrepreneurs • Film, Media And Broadcast • Finance And Investment • Human Resources & Recruiting • Legal • Medicine And Healthcare • Politics • Public Relations • Real Estate & Construction • Sales • Science & Academics CONFIRM YOUR SPOT THROUGH EVENTBRITE RSVP.LINK BELOW https://bit.ly/37zUTNY

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