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Ever wished for a place like Central Perk from Friends? Ever thought that sometimes the best conversation comes from the most spontaneous encounters?

Socialhaus is a lounge space designed with the purpose of encouraging social gathering within the local community. We are looking to reinvent the way we meet people, an offline gathering spot away from the bustle of the city — a “Third Place” beyond home and office.

Here, we bring people together to learn from each other’s unique experiences. It's a place where you will meet open-minded individuals from different walks of life, a place intentionally designed to go beyond the superficial small talk of networking, a place for friends…

Join us!

*Please note that we will be taking photos onsite. If you do not wish to have your photo taken, please let one of the hosts know beforehand!



First digital cohort (October 2020)

We will be launching our first digital cohort!!

About -- Curated small groups of interesting strangers for deep and ongoing connections; be matched with those with similar interests for support

Learn more -- http://bit.ly/socialhauscohort

Move to the Castro (January 2020)

We soft opened at the Castro location briefly! However due to issues with Zoning, we will have to pause events for the immediate future. Subscribe at http://www.socialhaus.co to keep updated!

Pay for the hour! (November 2019)

This month, we will be experimenting with the concept of "pay per hour social cafe", with unlimited tea & snacks! Instead of a set event fee of $12, we will offer the first hour for FREE to everyone's first visit, and $6/each additional hour! And if you decide to stay longer than the hour, we will be collecting payments at the end (credit card, venmo, or cash).

We differentiate ourselves by curating the best place for the most genuine conversation. Upon coming in, we will offer you a cup of tea along with the most spontaneous engaging encounter with a few strangers!

Membership for all! (July 2019)

Thank you so much for showing love to Socialhaus by coming to our events and engaging in great conversations with people from all walks of life!

We’ve gained great popularity over the past few months and were able to rent out the space at Third Haus ( http://www.third.haus ) every Weds & Fri (6-8pm) and Sat (3-5pm). We’ve found that seeing the same faces help us bond, just like how 6 Friends bonded at Central Perk. By having a dedicated space, we build consistency, which we believe is key to long lasting friendships.

All of our events are FREE to everyone new to Socialhaus for their first visit, open and inclusive to people from all backgrounds! However to cover rent and basic costs, we ask all returning Socialhaus members a membership fee of $30/mo* (or $12/one time).

*In order to remove the payment barrier for anyone of any background as we look to bring an inclusive space for all professions, membership fees will be waived for those who are able to volunteer at our events 4 times a month.

The goal, in addition to making it sustainable, is to improve and plan additional events for members. These may include making of new conversation topic cards, purchasing board games for the group, etc. The idea is to seek out all the interesting ways that make an engaging gathering. Additionally, we put in effort in connecting members further, and take direct feedback from members on the kind of events they’d like to see.

Included in my membership:

- A community of diverse and open-minded individuals!

- Events 12+ times a month with a focus on engaging conversation (we are making new conversation cards, fun board games, etc)

- Complementary tea & occasional bites during some events

- Member only events

Any questions please feel free to reach out to us directly at hello@socialhaus.co.

Thank you for being a part of making Socialhaus very special.

With love,

Team Socialhaus



What is unique about Socialhaus? How is it different from other groups?

At its core, Socialhaus aims to solve the problem of inconsistency in our social gatherings. Often, people meet and never expect to see each other again due to our busy schedules. Here at Socialhaus, we'd love for everyone to come back, and spontaneously run into familiar faces.

We are one of the few groups out there that meet very consistently. Not only are we consistent, we put in a lot of effort in the design of each gathering to ensure the best experience. We are tired of floating from one party to another at a networking event, so we curate an environment for people to truly have engaging conversations.

Can I bring friends?

Of course! We just ask that they also come with an open mind to meet anyone and everyone :)

Is there an age limit to attend?

Nope. In fact, we encourage individuals from all age groups to join! Diversity in generation is also part of what we advocate for, as we believe there is a lot to learn from the worlds of a different generation, older or younger.

I love your idea and would love to help. How can I get involved?

Amazing! We are absolutely looking for help! As we build Socialhaus, we’re looking for those who believe that the world desperately need it to join us on the journey! If you have experience with marketing, social media, finance, community building, software development and startup backgrounds to join us at the Socialhaus team (aka glorified volunteer) and see how this all come together and idealate to move it forward. Reach us at socialhaussf@gmail.com. Excited and look forward. :)

If you have additional questions, comments, or just want to say hi, feel free to email us at socialhaussf@gmail.com


[Socialhaus Code of Conduct]

Safe Space

Socialhaus is a safe space for people of all age, race, gender expressions & sexual orientations, and will not tolerate any discriminatory or inappropriate behavior.

Be Civil, Kind and Courteous

Together we’re trying to create a warm and comfortable environment. Treat everyone with respect. Healthy debates are natural, but kindness is required to keep our group enjoyable for everyone.

Talk as much as you would listen

Socialhaus is a gathering of people from different walks of life. Here, we want everyone to have a chance to speak from themselves and to have others have their undivided attention. Here are some guidelines to show your members that you are attentive:

No cell phones out: Please limit the amount of cell phone use to a minimal. This will let members know that you are listening to what they have to say. If you have a phone call, please politely step outside to take it, and then feel free to come back when it is completed.

Avoid dominating the conversation: Try to make sure everyone has had a chance to talk. Dominating the conversation can make some members intimidated to join in on the conversation. Please be aware of how much you talk vs. how much you listen.

Alcohol or Drug Policy

Outside alcoholic beverages and recreational drugs are NOT allowed on the premises. Socialhaus strives to have guests communicate as their complete and real selves. With that being said, members should not participate if they are inebriated. Noticeable prior consumption of alcohol may result in being asked to leave the event.

Anonymous Reporting

Socialhaus aims to have every member feel comfortable and safe in the space. Members and guests of Socialhaus are encouraged to report inappropriate behavior (either in person or via email to socialhaussf@gmail.com). All reports will be kept anonymous and will only be seen by the Socialhaus team. Those who are reported for the following behavior during Socialhaus gatherings and/or online media risk being removed & banned:

Racism / Sexism / Sexual harassment / Verbal/physical Abuse / Intolerance of a person’s religion, gender identity or sexual orientation / Behaving in a way that disturbs the enjoyment of the event/discussion for other people / Soliciting or unwanted promotion of one’s business / Any other actions deemed to be intentionally hurtful, harmful, threatening or inappropriate

Depending on the severity in violation of the Code of Conduct, violators may receive a warning or being banned from Socialhaus at Socialhaus team’s discretion.

Wish you an absolutely enjoyable time at Socialhaus!

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