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What we’re about

Hi welcome to Social Hike

We wanted to make a group where everyone could talk to each other while on a hike/walk/bike and all other outdoor actives.
Effective Immediately: Please see Disclaimers and Rules below. Questions please DM Eli Mel on

1.Eli Mel, organizers and members are not liable for you and totally agree with, "Group Disclaimer and policies" see below for details.
2.Please post a picture of yourself where we can see your face clearly.
3. Members and their guest must be 21 years old or greater.

Failure to do follow rules will result in being put on the not going list. On going issues will result in being asked to leave or banning from this group.

Instructions below how to change your profile pic.
If you don't have a clear picture of yourself, please change your profile pic on your profile on Meetup leave and rejoin the group.

Group Disclaimer and policies:
By joining this group, volunteering for this group, and / or attending our events you agree to hold Meetup, the Organizers, Assistant Organizers, Event Vendors, and other members are harmless in the case of accident, incident, personal injury, loss of life, destruction or loss of personal property or any other wrongful act.
Also by joining this group you acknowledge that you have done so of your own free will and understand that membership is voluntary and expressly waive any and all such claims against each and every other member in the group, including without limitation any and all claims against the group Organizers or Assistant Organizers. We hold a variety of activities, some of which can be dangerous and you understand that you are responsible for your own safety. You also agree to read the event postings and to adhere to any guidelines posted or given by our Organizers and Event Vendors.

No Solicitation/ Harassment/ Stalking Policy
Once in a while, we get members who join with the sole intention of promoting their own agenda. Solicitation / spam is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, message board posts, event comments, or direct messages to other members. We reserve the right to remove any member for solicitation.
Real Person Policy
*All profiles must be of an actual person. No profile may represent a business or organization. We reserve the right to remove any such profiles at any time. *

Event waiver:
Event Waiver, Release of Liability and Hold Harmless Agreement
I wish to join Social Hike group  and participate in the event(s) and or activity(s) posted by Reston going out group.

I understand that I do so at my own risk. In exchange for being permitted to the Social Hike group  and participate in the event(s) and or activity(s) posted by Social Hike group , I hereby release the Social Hike group , organizers, Co-Organizers, assistant organizer, event organizer, event host (s) and volunteers of the foregoing (all collectively referred to as the "Released Parties") from liability for and hereby waive any and all claims for any loss, damage (whether direct, indirect, incidental, consequential or otherwise) , injuries to person or property, death, claims, demands, lawsuits, suit, proceeding (whether before an arbitrator, court, mediator or otherwise) or investigation made by any third party,  expenses (including reasonable attorneys' and accounting fees) and any other liability of any kind, or of to me or any other person, directly or indirectly arising out of or in connection with my participation in or attendance at the activity and events.
I further agree to hold harmless, indemnify and reimburse the Released Parties from and for any sums, costs, or expenses incurred by any of the Released Parties or paid by them to any person (including me or my insurers) in connection with any accident loss, damage, injury to person or property, or death sustained by me or others in connection with my attendance at or participation in the event / Activity. 
Further, I agree to abide by all Social Hike group  policies, rules, event guidelines and membership policies for the duration of the event or activity in which I am voluntarily participating, including state, local, and federal laws. 
I understand that failure to abide these expectations may result in my immediate removal from the group, event or activity, and appropriate legal consequences.
As a participant, I also agree to abide by the Social Hike group  Rules, as stated in the Policies and event guidelines.
Having read and understood the above, I freely sign this waiver, release and hold harmless agreement.

#### Your membership to this group is free and completely volunteer at-will, which means organizer can remove any member at anytime without cause or notice or explanation. By joining the group I agree that I have read this page and understand everything.

Eli Mel will be your host and please contact him with any questions.