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What weโ€™re about

Brunch and Beyond is a group of single adults aged 55 and up expanding their friendships with others who are in similar solo circumstances. Chances for you to get out and socialize whether it be brunch, diner, trivia, live music or movies when we get together there is always lively conversation and laughter. We encourage members to become event hosts and share their particular interests with the group.
B&B offers an opportunity for members to make new friends, socialize, and have fun in a safe environment. Please remember some of our members have recently lost a spouse/companion through death or divorce. Just getting out of the house is a big step, let's make that easier, not harder. However that being said, if two consenting adults decide to get together, that is their business.
Our members contribute $10/year to cover the Meetup site fees, payable to our Organizer Irene or Assistant Organizer Jerry when you attend your second event.
New members must refrain from posting Greetings, ideas or messaging other members until having attended at least two events and gotten to know us and paid dues.
Most of our activities are in the Upper Bucks and Montgomery County areas of PA. One of our objectives is to create friendships outside of Meetups. If you live in NJ, Philadelphia or Reading our events are too far and your membership request will be denied.
We require members to post a current close-up solo picture of themselves. Join lots of groups, meet lots of people, make new friends, have FUN~!
Address questions to our organizer Irene either by email or at an event. Questions about specific events should be addressed to the host of that event, not the organizer.
What have you got to lose? Join Brunch, check us out and RSVP for an event. Come make some new friends. We are expecting you!