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Bring your latest project and come prepared to work on it.
• What we'll do Dress Comfy. Bring your project and your best goal-crushing game face. We will come together for a quick introduction, and then we will set off to work. A $2.00 donation per month would be appreciated to offset the costs of meetup fees. • What to bring Work, money for food and drink. • Important to know Alcohol is available at the bar downstairs. Lots of options for food. This isn't a chatty group. We are here to work on projects. Less social and more project focused. We're meeting to be accountable and productive. Feel free to email if you have any questions.

Giant Eagle Market District

3061 Kingsdale Center · Upper Arlington

What we're about

Want to finish that thing you started so long ago? Drag it out, dust it off, and get to work! This is a no-frills, get-it-done group. We meet, we greet, and we pull out our projects and work for 2 straight hours. Then we wrap up, high-five, and resolve to do it again next week.

What is Social WrightingTM?

Social writing is a concept in which peer support of the writing process is used to further one's writing success. In the case of the Social WrightingTM at Wright State University, the process of social writing is used to increase dedicated writing hours and overall productivity of academic writers by creating a welcoming, friendly and semi-disciplined (not silent) environment that is shared by other people with the same goal of being productive. To borrow from the Mots Justes blog, our social writing groups are writing groups, not writer's groups. They don't automatically include instruction or peer review/critique of ideas or writing work, although some participants may pursue those goals with people they meet through Social WritingTM. It's like having an "exercise buddy" that helps you get to the gym, but this includes welcoming writing space (such as coffee shops) and (hopefully) less sweat.

*******What to expect********

The group is designed to help you meet monthly goals. Your projects can need longer than a month, but this group gives you the opportunity to set a goal for one month, and then provides 2 hours of uninterrupted time per week to achieve that goal.

Write a book - start a blog - design a website - make some art - study for a test - write a paper - read a book - do some research - or lots of other things!

The first Wednesday of each month, we will briefly discuss our projects, our goal for the month, and what accomplishing it means for our life. After that, we find a spot, and we work for two hours. At the end of two hours, we wrap up our work and say good-day. The Wednesdays after that, we meet, work for 2 hours, and depart.

At the end of the month, we will briefly discuss our progress on our goal, what we learned, both about our project, and our work-style, and any other takeaways. Please be aware that the group collects dues of $2/month in order to operate the meetup group, paid on the first Wednesday of each month. Personally, I will be using the Pomodoro technique to stay on task. If you haven't heard of it, check it out. I think its awesome.

If you have children and you think childcare would be an issue in committing to this group, please let me know. The location I selected does have a childcare option available at no extra cost, called Eagles Nest, I think. They also have food if you're hungry. And coffee. I think it'll be perfect!

If you have any other questions, let me know. I'm happy to answer. In the meantime, happy goal-crushing!

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