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Do you like to discuss issues of concern to you and others, whether they be moral issues, social issues, current events, or a combination of all three? I would like to begin a 'Socrates Cafe'. Ideally, this group will be people from 18 through 100 who want to get together and talk. We would generally follow the book by Christopher Phillips. We will about once a month.

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It's now or never my friends

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We've lost our way. Let's stop hating each other which only continues the decimation of the American people at the expense of all of us. Let's stop serving the Wall Street KLEPTOCRACY like we're simpletons, plebeians; like we're a sewer rat street vagabond class.

This is the United States of America, this is our nation so know that I'm calling on only my people, the American people. I'm reaching out to law enforcement at the Local, State, and Federal levels. I'm literally praying that the patriots of my youth still live, breath, and believe in our national sovereignty, hoping that my people still believe in our inalienable G-d given rights; that our freedoms as a people, that our constitution, which enshrines these rights in print, still matter. Now since I also know that none of you are retarded, I also know that you're all aware that the billionaire class, the globalists, the Wall Street Hedge Fund cocksuckers and CEOs need a lesson in patriotism, service and civics. What you may not be aware of is the good news: I'm here to educate.

We've been enslaved and we all know it. This reality leads to a disgusting sacrilege and undeniably goes against the will of our creator who has now called on all of us to stand and fight for the rights we've been spiritually blessed and enshrined with by the blood of the martyrs who've come before each and every one of us.

So please come. Argue, debate, test me; in the end you'll be coming to join me and in return I'll lead you. I'll guide all of you until one of you shows me you're better capable, at which point I'll follow. Understand that I want no part of the responsibility of leading my fellow citizens but WTF can any of us do when the Lord's principles demand service?

This is not a position I want or relish and I look forward to my betters taking the reigns of guidance and leading us forward but until then, know and understand this; I'm a US Marine, I'll bleed the enemies our nation and our national sovereignty, and I'll break any and all who stand between the United States of America and our G-d given inalienable rights as free people.

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