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Workshop: Tactical Domain-Driven Design with EventStorming (bilingual)

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Wir sind in 2023 zurück (ist es denn schon wirklich wieder fast Mitte des Jahres?)! In diesem Jahr möchten wir mit einem kleinen Workshop starten. Zu Gast ist Masoud Chelongar, Software Architect at Koerber Supply Chain, der uns EventStorming vorstellen wird. Es gibt Pizza (ab 18:00 Uhr) und gegen 18:30 Uhr legen wir los mit dem Workshop! Das Event wird auf English sein, aber eine Gruppe kann gerne ein EventStorming auch auf Deutsch durchführen.

We are back in 2023 (is it really almost the middle of the year again?)! This year we would like to start with a small workshop. Our guest is Masoud Chelongar, Software Architect at Koerber Supply Chain, who will introduce us through EventStorming. There will be pizza this time (starting at 18:00) and around 18:30 we will start with the workshop! The event will be in English, but a group is welcome to EventStorm the workshop in German.

Workshop description
To properly implement the Tactical Domain-Driven Design that fulfills business logic and requirements at the software level (low-level), the stakeholders related to the specific business domain should get together and brainstorm about project features. The workshop format EventStorming (https://www.eventstorming.com/) aims to provide an opportunity to practice and build productive communication between participants.

Workshop agenda
You'll learn and practice:

Introduction to Domain-Driven design (60 minutes):

  • Business domain analysis and context mapping in Strategic Domain-Driven Design (DDD)
  • Business logic implementation and bounded context architecture in tactical DDD

EventStorming Practice (60 minutes)

  • We will work in small teams and brainstorm to find a Ubiquitous Language and Bounded Contexts for a fictitious project.

And, of course: We'll have a lot of fun!

About Masoud Chelongar:
Masoud is a software architect with more than a decade of experience in the field of microservices, Domain-Driven Design, network security, SDLC, and agile development. He is currently cooperating with a development team to migrate monolithic software to a microservice architecture.

Please note that only a few attendees can participate in this workshop. If you cannot attend this event, please make room for someone else in time!

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