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As Kiwis ourselves, we wholeheartedly believe that we all have a right to know how our data is being utilised by tech giants and to fully understand what advertisers are working with. We believe that once you know you can trust our voice and work on your behalf, then we take that first important step towards a properly regulated and legitimate digital ecosystem that truly works for New Zealand.

So, we are here to speak to our Kiwi ‘audiences’ directly, provide information and clarity on what digital advertising means and does, how technology utilises user information, and how to safeguard against threats in the online space. If you have questions, we want to try and answer them.

We want to hear from you, understand how you perceive the advertising world, how you believe it influences you, how you use it/avoid it and how you safeguard your personal information from all the data hungry tech giants out there.

Help us be accountable to you.

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