Song Talk Meetup - April 2020

Song Talk Meetup
Song Talk Meetup
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This event has passed


Once a month, songwriters from beginners to pro, come together to share their songs with other songwriters in a safe and supportive environment. The focus of the group is to give each other constructive feedback on their songs.


Until further notice, our meetups will be conducted online. The link to the online meetup will be provided each month, a few days before the meetup. DO NOT show up at the Tranzac, there won't be anyone there! See the Tranzac's website for their closure information:

For the online meetup, we will still give dibs to the first people arriving to share their song, up to 12 people.

If you're performing your song live via your webcam, great! We'll all listen and provide feedback as usual.

It's recommended to provide a lyric sheet for your song. You can upload your lyrics to Dropbox, Google, etc and provide a link in the meetup chat so other members can view it. Or you can simply copy and paste your lyrics into the chat window. You'll get better feedback this way.

If you're playing a pre-recorded song, please provide a link to your song via Soundcloud, youTube, Dropbox, Google, etc. This way everyone can hear it in higher fidelity. You can share your link and your lyrics in the chat.

Hope to see y'all online!


There will be a sign-up for up to 12 members to share a song. Please arrive early to ensure your spot.

Each member will be given about 10 minutes to play and get feedback from the group. Please keep your feedback concise and constructive, meaning if you say something negative, also say how you would make the song better if you were invited to co-write.


The meetup is open to all styles of songwriting. Folk, Pop, electronica, dance, rock, jazz, hip hop, and anything else.

It's recommended to provide lyric sheets of your song. This gives the group a better idea of the structure and lyrics of your song and allows you to get better, more detailed feedback.

Please note that a screen grab may be taken to showcase on this meetup page.

Even though the Tranzac is closed, we encourage members to become a member and/or donate so we can help ensure they can open their doors to us again when this pandemic is over. See for the ways to help.

The group is always a lot of fun and inspiring! It's a great place to meet fellow songwriters, musicians, producers, and collaborators.