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HeARTspace - Soul Art for Mothers

In the heart of a forest just ten miles from the edge of Portland’s Forest Park, there is a space for you, mothers, to find your balance between personal needs and parenting challenges. In this space you will playfully engage in Soul Art projects, while soaking in balanced, energizing Nature – big old growth fir trees – a rushing creek – and all the life of Nature that dwells between, around and within them. This will bring you closer to your Inner Nature.

My name is Sue Ellen Liss, and I will guide your art and nature experiences. I have traveled the journey of motherhood for many years, so I understand how sometimes a mother’s inner sparkle gets dulled down by parenting challenges. Sometimes you need to take time to perk up your creative spark.

When I was a single mom this nurturing forest home of a friend was here for me to take time for myself to rest, let nature soothe my soul and make art. This empowered me to feel good about being a mom and a woman. Now that I live on this land, my little art and dance studios are here for you, too.

All you have to do is say yes to yourself!

You can come here alone to make Soul Art or with up to three friends, and on special occasions with your children. It will be fun and playful, relaxing and meaningful!

You can also create a ritual for a special occasion, alone, with up to three friends, or with your children.

Nature will quiet your mind, so you can hear your heart. You will explore your inner balance, as your senses connect with the balance that exists in Nature. Then you will express yourself through your art-making. Don’t worry! Soul Art is easy. It’s art-making in your unique way. I will help you. You help your children do things in their special ways. Now it’s your turn.

I am here to provide a safe space for your self-expression. Let’s create a nurturing community of mothers, who are dedicated to their own fulfillment and creativity! This will greatly benefit your children. Join me in this HeARTspace Forest to make Soul Art together!



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