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At Soul Food Kitchen we believe in living a healthy lifestyle in everything we do from the food, mind and body.

We also hope to increase overall wellbeing in the community by holding lots of events and workshops in our restaurant with the focus of health and wellbeing. Our aim is to inspire, motivate and create a space where people can come together to form a community of like-minded souls, whose aim is to live in a more balanced and healthy way.

If you have any suggestion of event/workshops you would like to see or you personally would like to host at Soul Food Kitchen please email us info@soulfoodkitchen.co.uk.

If you are attending an event please make us aware of any allergies you may have prior to the event: info@soulfoodkitchen.co.uk*

Upcoming events (5+)

Free Event - Pop-up Herbal Dispensary

Soul Food Kitchen

We are hosting a pop-up herbal dispensary with the lovely Lucie Bradley. Looking for a natural solution for skin care and supplements? Well then, this is a wonderful opportunity to talk face to face to local Medical Herbalist Lucie Bradley to find out what the world of herbs can do for you and your family's ailments. You will be able to buy therapeutic quality herbal medicines direct from a qualified practitioner. Lucie is a leader in the field of excellence in organic healthcare. We'll have a range of pre-blended remedies available for sale, including tinctures, herbal teas and handmade creams and ointments. So why not pop grab a coffee and let Lucie help you find the herbs products for you?

Good Gut Health with Plant-Based Medicine and Fermented Foods

Soul Food Kitchen


Did you know? The gut plays a vital role in your overall health and well-being. It can help control everything from your weight to your mood to brain health, inflammation and immune function, therefore a healthy gut is paramount! The right medicinal plants and herbs can help support the gut natural healing process. The trillions of microbes which live in our gut need to be fed, fermented foods are like super fertiliser for the healthy bacteria in our guts. When used together medicinal plants and fermented food are an unstoppable force in creating a harmonious microbiome. So join Medical Herbalist Lucie Bradley and Fermenting Food and Nutritional Expert Janice Clyne to learn more about how to improve your gut health using fermentation and medicinal herbs. During this 2 hour workshop You will learn more about why gut health is so vital for optimal health. You will learn which herbs can be used for treating digestive disorders, herbs to heal your gut and why, with detailed information about different herbal preparations and dosages. There will be a practical demo of making your own simple sauerkraut. There will be plenty of samples to try on the night from exploring your senses through a herbal tea tasting to fermented food goodies and drinks. You will also get tea or coffee included in the workshop including raw cake This workshop is not to be missed if you are interested in holistic health and wellbeing, and are looking to take charge of your health by learning more about how to use herbs safely, and what foods could be beneficial to your overall wellbeing So come along and join the fun, your taste buds & your gut will thank you!

Food Photography Workshop by Simply Pause Photography

Soul Food Kitchen


Book Now: https://www.soulfoodkitchen.co.uk/events-1/food-photography-workshop-by-simply-pause-photography Join, Karené, at Soul Food Kitchen for a practical workshop on taking photos of food. Whether you have your own business, you are a blogger or simply want to learn something new, this workshop is designed to equip you to take better food photos for social media. We will look at • finding the best light, • telling a story with your props • and tricks to give your images that extra zing I have a Fine Art Degree in photography (2001) and have specialized in food photography for the past 6 years. I cannot teach you everything that I have learned in my 18-odd years of photography in a 3 hour crash course, but I can give you some simple, practical tips to improve what you do. No need for fancy equipment. Bring your camera or your phone, and if you like, a couple of props (cutlery, a placemat or board, napkins, herbs and spices, flowers, bowls etc) to make your photographing experience more interesting. Tickets are £30 which includes your 3-4 hour food photography workshop and your main course at Soul Food Kitchen (which we will also be photographing). Tickets are limited, so make sure to book soon. I look forward to meeting you! Please make us aware of any allergies prior to this event: [masked] Book Now: https://www.soulfoodkitchen.co.uk/events-1/food-photography-workshop-by-simply-pause-photography Follow Karene and her amazing work: @karenepics www.simplypause.co.uk

Food for Healthy Hormones by Nutri Zone

Soul Food Kitchen


Marie Jarvis is a Registered Nutritionist (BANT). She has worked with organisations like NHS, Urban Roots, and many other organisations throughout Glasgow and surrounding areas. She also helps to coach people to optimum health through her personalised and tailored nutrition plans. She has recently been included in The Midults’ 15 Top Nutritionist list. An area that can be greatly impacted by our food intake is our hormones. The incorrect food intake may lead quickly to changing the way our metabolism works and may affect our weight, energy levels, and even our mental well-being. As a result, we experience cravings for sugar and carbohydrate, which may affect our weight, moods and energy levels. So, what can you do to keep our hormones in tip top shape? Why not come along to Marie’s talk on ‘Food for the Healthy Hormones’? The workshop is for people who want to maintain good overall health or to improve symptoms like sugar/carb cravings, weight issues, low energy and moods, with the help of good nutritional advice. Doing this short workshop will introduce you to a greater understanding of how balancing your insulin and cortisol levels can help you be healthier, happier and more energised. At the end of the workshop you will have: - A clearer understanding of how major hormones impact the body. - Which types of foods will help to enhance hormone function to keep the body healthy. - Tips and advice on how to avoid energy slumps, weight gain, and sugar and carb cravings. - Find out how Marie’s 30 day nutrition programme that can help you re-balance your energy levels, beat the cravings and/or help you lose weight. This will be followed by a lovely Soul Food Kitchen plant-based meal designed to help your hormones to stay balanced for the rest of the day. Follow: www.nutri.zone www.facebook.com/NutriZonenutrition https://www.facebook.com/groups/133989867268118/ https://www.instagram.com/nutri.zone/ Please make us aware of any allergies prior to the event : [masked]

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Soul Food Poetry by Imogen Stirling

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