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Our mission is to support you on your Inner Healing Journey through Awareness, Recognizance of your Sacredness & Beauty, Empowerment, Nurturance, Discernment of your Soul’s Resonance, Reframing your Cellular Memory & Frequencies and Deepening your Heart – Mind – Body – Spirit Connection to experience a life of Soulful Joyful Living™

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Access Your Inner Wisdom through Your Akashic Records

Home Center Healing


Access Your Inner Wisdom through Your Akashic Records
In-person event at H.O.M.E Spiritual Center in Salem, OR

From this wonderful and limitless pool of information or personal library, we are able to gather valuable and life-changing knowledge.

My intention for this meetup is to lead you, via a script, into an exploring journey supported by Archangels to retrieve knowledge from your past lives and Akashic Records in order to heal, transform and/or understand possible repetitive patterns, behaviors, blocks and uncover so much more.

This is you connecting through your mind's eye and participant's ability to connect quickly is a must for this process in order to gather information. I am facilitating you going into your own records for the retrieval of information. I want to empower each participant to do its own connection and retrieval.

There is a fee for this event, some of the proceeds are to support the center.

This knowledge allows us to discover more of ourselves, our history and shift our energetic field which allows us to create more positive change from a space of higher consciousness.

Our Akashic Records hold every moment of every life our Soul has ever lived and it is accessible to us through various exercises and I can't wait to lead you into this type of discovery. The beauty of it is that you get too rewrite a record as part of this gathering thus creating a shift in consciousness.

Please bring an open mind, water and a journal with you as you will want to jot down the downloaded insights you will receive through this transformative experience.

Stay well hydrated the day of and the day after our gathering.
I will pull an Oracle or Tarot card for each of the participant as part of the closing.

Upon the consideration of others, please be prompt as we will start at 3 pm.

I look forward to having you join us!

Disclaimer: It is your understanding that your participation and attendance to any meetups, programs, healing sessions, meditations facilitated by Carole Franques either in person or online are at your own risk and releases Carole of any liabilities.

For full disclaimer, please email Carole with subject line: Disclaimer

Opening Yourself to Receiving

Home Center Healing


Opening Yourself to Receiving
In-person event at H.O.M.E Spiritual Center in Salem, OR

Most people are much more at ease at giving than receiving. Layers and layers of experiences have been interfering with really embracing your abundance and your openness to receive.
Life is all about balance and I believe it is time to rebalance the scale!

Have you forgotten that you too are to receive?
Are you carrying this sense of unworthiness?
Are you carrying this sense of being unlovable?
Have you experienced losses or failures and can't seem to move past them?
Have you put up a shield so thick around you that nothing can penetrate, even the good?

We will loosen up the barriers you may have put up either consciously or subconsciously and create a space of expansion in your ability to receive.

We will release possible vows, attachments, blocks and grow your receiving container. We will concentrate on creating an expanded field of abundance as abundance encompasses all - prosperity, health, love, joy...

Are you ready to let more of the good in?

There is a fee for this event - Part of the proceeds will support the Spiritual Center.
What to bring: An open mind * water * mat if you prefer to lie down.

This is a 75-90-minute Group Session
Facilitated by: Carole Franques through a meditation style targeted for
Please be well hydrated and wear loose clothing.

Carole Franques is an Integrative Practitioner of The Healing Arts, a Facilitator of Exponential Shifts in Consciousness™ and Creator of Oracle Cards. You can find more information at SoulfulJoyfulLiving.com

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