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Summer Yoga, sound healing, sacred Hill of Tara
🌕🌞Summer Yoga & SoundBath workshop Sacred Walk around Magical Hill of Tara 🌝💫 with Marta ( sound healer) and Judith (yoga trainer) Join us for a joyful celebration of Summer. Be prepared for Yoga session, Group Chanting , Gong & Tibetan bowls Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Healing Journey and 40 min walk around sacred places On the Hill of Tara This event is designed to gently release fear, shock and trauma held in the body inviting you to relax deeply into your true nature. Part 1 1 hour Yoga session with Judit The sequence offered below begins in a seated position using rhythmic motion in the arms to trace the flow of breath in and out of the body in reverence of the internal seasons while awakening the spine. This gentle opening is followed by a slow, steady standing sequence where the lower energetic centers are activated, drawing energy towards the earth in preparation for grounding backbends. Marrying the qualities of fire and water, dynamic movement is employed in postures that stimulate the solar plexus chakra (manipura), the place where pitta resides. Taking this fluid motion into prone backbends, the idea is to navigate the transition from the activating energy of spring to the hot, arid summer season where pitta is susceptible to aggravation. With circular movements that mirror the arc of the sun in the sky, the arms trace the line of the horizon and pause to experience the conscious, directional shift of the limbs - an interstitial gap that embodies the illusory solar stillness of the solstice. 5 min break Part 2 45 min Chanting with Marta Marta in her work is using chanting ,mantra, toning, improvised singing, dance and movement. You don’t need to have any singing or voice-work experience and no one will be asked to sing solo. You will experience the healing power of vocal sound, and the workshop will bring you on a global journey through chants and harmony. Part 3 45 min Walk around Sacred Hill of Tara Marta Will show you most important places on Tara including Holly Well. The Hill of Tara is an important sacred site in Ireland that has played a significant role in the folklore, legends, and myths of Celtic Ireland that span centuries of history. Once home to the Celtic kings, the Hill of Tara has been a sacred site of historic ceremonial use for thousands of years. The earliest known monument, the Mound of the Hostages, is a passage-tomb that dates back to 2100 BC. 1 h Sound healing journey After Yoga Exercises Chanting and walk , the body is ready to just lay down, relax and receive sound in a fresh new way. Allowing the sounds to move through the nervous system, opening, clearing and recharging the whole body-mind system. This can trigger a state of deep effortless meditation, in which we begin to relinquish control of the mind, it's judgements, and continuous chatter and allow and let go into stillness, the whole system is reset to its natural state. ***************************************** Price : €45 early Bird until 10 of July after 55 € Booking reservation essential 15 eu to secure a place max 10 people for this event link pay pal to pay deposit :

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