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Welcome to SFDUG (South Florida Drupal Users Group). We are here to share, learn, teach, and talk, about all things Drupal within South Florida.

With a history dating back to April 2010, the Broward Drupal Users Group (http://meetup.com/broward-drupal) was the beginning of our goal to reach out to Drupal enthusiasts in Broward County, FL. As time went on, our member counts increased, local Drupal Camps were held and we established ourselves as a vibrant, consistent and dedicated group to which all are welcome.

As of 2015, we still continue those same core values and initiatives, but with a new twist... tri-county coverage! We hope to continue our growth patterns throughout all of South Florida and welcome any and all input, suggestions etc.

Hector and myself want to extend a huge thank you to all our long standing Drupal friends/members and we look forward to what the future brings with our new meetups, members and Drupal in general.

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Building Community Sites

100% Remote

This month, we will be talking about building community sites. As an example, we will begin talking about how the site https://www.floridavoterrestoration.com/ was built for the Hackathon on September 21, 2019 for the National Day of Civic Hacking: https://www.meetup.com/Code-for-Miami/events/263929159/. We will also talk about other ways of building community sites. We welcome all new Drupal users, so feel free to join if you are new to Drupal or are just getting started. Our Dunkin' Doughnuts location that we have been using since April 2010 is remodeling the next few months, so until we find a new location, we will have all remote meetups. In other words, this month will be 100% remote. If you want to attend the meetup remotely, please signup at this link https://groups.drupal.org/node/535524 and get details there on how to be added to the group Skype call that we use every month.

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